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Magical Items

The following magical items are found in the chronicles of the Marvel Universe, particularly those of Doctor Strange. The items can either be introduced by a Judge into his campaign, used by a player character or NPC at the Judge's desire, or serve as guidelines for Judge on how mystical artifacts could be developed.

Note on scrolls and books: Most resources of ancient rites and spells are scrolls and magical books called tomes. Though appearing to be fragile, most of them have strong incantations weaved throughout them that prevent them from being destroyed. Unless a mage has been recently studying, these scrolls and tomes are usually locked away or will be placed amidst piles of other scrolls and tomes as "camouflage" for its true nature. The probability of a thief or intruder stumbling onto an important piece of magical writing is small. Some powerful works, however, have been found in old book stores and estate sales by those who are persistent and alert to the writing's true nature.