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This is the proper name for the book in which a mage records his spells or incantations. Some spells, like many of those listed under the Entreaty section of the Mystic's Encyclopedia, are so long and involved, or are of such a peculiar mystic nature, that they cannot be memorized, only read aloud from a text. These spells must be found and copied from another grimoire, runes carved in a temple, and soon. Then, if the language is foreign, the character must spend the appropriate time researching the proper pronunciation of the spell. Usually by reading the spell to himself and not aloud, a magic wielder may understand most of the spell's purpose. Some spells can be read by anybody, not just a magic wielder. In all of these matters, the details concerning availability, requirements, and abilities of the spells are left to the Judge.

A character can only have 2 grimoires at any 1 time, the one he uses and his back-up copy. Since the spells in a grimoire must be carefully handwritten by the user, the Judge should also determine how long the magic wielder must spend at this task and forsake all other actions (10+1-10 days). Some grimores, such as the Book of the Vishanti, are collective grimoires that contain all the spells of a race or order. This type of grimoire is passed down from sorcerer to sorcerer, who adds any new spells of his own within. Collective grimoires are highly prized.