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Wand of Satannish

Wand of SatannishThis 1' long golden rod, topped with a yellow jewel, was created in numbers by and for the cult, the Sons of Satannish. When the wands (about 6 were made) are used in concert (at least 2 of them at a time hitting the same target), they focus the mystical might of the entire cult through them to unleash Ribbons of Nihility: thin bands of "unholy light" which widen to form a large cube, trapping the target within (treat as the Bands spell with an Am(50) Material Strength that form the cube in 2 rounds).

The ribbons and cube are invisible to all except the target and any who holds a Wand of Satannish. Inside the cube is a "pitch-dark world of non-being". Magic attacks from inside the cube can break it (it has Am(50) Material Strength, the same as the bands that comprise it).