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Screaming Idol

This is a 7" tall statue of a creature, arms raised, screaming. It is actually a replica of the statue that the followers of Tiboro use to worship him in the 6th Dimension. The sole purpose of the idol is to serve as a nexus for Tiboro, drawing those into his dimension from Earth for enslavement and allowing him passage into the Earth dimension.

For a victim to be drawn into the 6th Dimension through the Screaming Idol, he must be standing in the same area as the idol. The process is somewhat random. Since the forced dimensional shift of the victim is randomly timed (not every time someone is near) there is a 10% chance that it will occur when people are about. A magic wielder of Adept level or higher could use the idol as a nexus by using a Dimensional Aperture spell on the idol. Whenever the idol transports someone to the 6th Dimension the area where the idol stands is plunged into darkness (magical light will work in there).

Tiboro easily passes through the idol as a dimensional aperture, but will only come to Earth if he truly believes it has entered an Age of Decay (no morals, evil prevails, etc.)