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Baba's Scrying Orb

Baba OrbAppearance: Looks like a giant pearl
Powers: The Orb functions as a focal point for Baba's magics. Without the Orb, Baba's spells would operate at -4CS. The Orb also allows Baba the ability to scry into other dimensions.
Levitation & Flight: Am(50). The Orb can be mentally commanded by Baba to levitate and fly.
Immovability: Am(50). This functions when Baba sits on the Orb and uses it as a means of transport.
Weakness: The Orb's scrying ability can be jammed when it's used to scry areas of intense energy and/or magic (Am(50) or higher).
Material Strength: Ex(20) Tech Rank: SY(200)
Availability: The Orb was once damaged by Chi-Chi in a fit of rage. Baba later had the Orb repaired in Otherworld.