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Nightmare's Wand

This 1' long, thin, black wand blazes with green light at its tip. It belongs to Nightmare, who presumably created it. It is a focus for attacks from Nightmare that fall in the Eldritch Attacks category. This grants a +1CS to his Agility for the purposes of rolling Agility FEAT checks for Targeting Beams, Bolts, or Crystals. The wand will so perform for anyone else who wields it, if they first have those Eldritch Attack powers.

Nightmare's Wand also has a spell in it that is not found in too many other sources. It is called the Maze of Confinement. The user must target the wand on a single individual, then make an Agility Feat roll to hit him. If unsuccessful nothing happens. But if the roll is made thin, black, mystical bands spin around the target in a random fashion. Treat this attack as a combination Bands power and Confusion power, both with power ranks equal to the Psyche rank of the user. The Material Strength of the Bands is also equal to the user's Psyche rank.

Nightmare does not always use his wand, sometimes preferring to simply conjure Eldritch attacks instead (-1CS without wand). If he can or has created other wands is unknown.