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StarstoneThis stone is a large (18"), amber-hued ovoid jewel that is cold to the touch and contains a dark shadow that can be seen within. It was a gift from Kulthas (also known as Kathulos), the green-planet of Shuma-Gorath to the Cult of Sligguth on Earth. When the cult needs help or is ready for the return of the "old gods", it is to set the "Shadow in the Starstone" free. This is done by using a large fixed lens that is "sacred to Shuma-Gorath" and focusing the starlight from the evil star Kulthas on to the Starstone. A blackness then spreads out from the stone that dims all light but that of the star Kulthas. It can cover a small town in 15 rounds. Everyone in the darkness must make a Psyche FEAT roll every other round thereafter or fall into a deep trance that makes them obedient to the will of Shuma-Gorath and his Lords (including Sligguth). After an hour in the focused starlight, a mystical, protoplasmic, evil squirms out of the stone. After this the stone is nothing more than a bauble and the shadow dissipates, though the induced trance lingers on until mystically broken. Meanwhile the squirming evil turns into a great, intelligent slime that can mentally animate objects and have them attack opponents (as the Animation power with a Mn(75) power rank, but it can simultaneously control all the objects in the area(s) it covers).

The slime will grow by 1 area in size every 5 rounds until it becomes as large as four areas. It is slow and can only move 1 area every 3 rounds. For every area it grows it gains 100 Health points. It is immune to most mental or magic attacks. It has the equivalent of Rm(30) body armor vs. energy and physical attacks. Doctor Strange defeated it once by calling down a lightning bolt on it and the building it was in, thus destroying the creature and burying it with 1 spell. Once "dead" it apparently dissolves and the evil energy returns to the netherplane where it originated. No one knows if more than 1 Starstone exists.