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Legendary Amphora

Legendary AmphoraThis giant vase holds the monstrous daemon Zom, who was imprisoned there by Eternity. The Legendary Amphora (tall, 2-handled vase) normally rests on an altar guarded by 9 smaller vessels (vases, incense burners, jars, etc.) that lay about on the steps leading up to the platform. Each of these 9 lesser vessels hold an elemental daemon. They will attack anyone who attempts to free Zom.

There are many magical containers around that will mystically hold a creature or character. Sometimes, all a character needs to do is open the container to let the creature out, other times it must be broken. Occasionally the creature is grateful for release, but he usually turns on his liberator instead. Sometimes the magic of the container is so strong that the character opening it automatically gets pulled inside, trapped until someone on the outside releases him. In all of these cases, 1 of the surest ways to empty one of these containers is to employ a powerful spell designed to free a character from possession or entrapment.