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Book of the Vishanti

Book of the VishantiThe Book of the Vishanti is the greatest known source of "white" magical knowledge in the Earth dimension. The Book contains descriptions of more spells and occult rituals than any other known work except the Darkhold. Every possessoer of the Book has added his or her own original spells to this volume. Consequently, the arcane lore contained within the Book of the Vishanti is written in a variety of languages. It is not known how many pages the Book contains; as if by magic, pages seem to materialize within its binding to accomodate additional spells.

The origins of the Book of the Vishanti are unknown. However, it is believed to have been written by practitioners of the occult arts who were in regular contact with the Vishanti, 3 benevolent extradimensional entities who grant mystical powers and knowledge to those whom they consider worthy.

Thousands of years ago, the Book of the Vishanti came into the possession of the priests of the Babylonian god Marduk. The priests had the book guarded by a gryphon, a winged lion. Within the last hundred years, the former sorcerer supreme of the Earth dimension, who was known as the Ancient One, travelled back in time, defeated the gryphon, and, thus, became the destined possessor of the Book. The Ancient One eventually entrusted the keeping of the Book of the Vishanti to his disciple, Doctor Strange. Today Doctor Strange keeps the Book in the library of his townhouse in New York City's Greenich Village. Intricate protective spells keep unwary innocents from using the Book. (Unless Doctor Strange authorizes the use of the book a character would have to be a master and make a successful Psyche FEAT roll to even open the book.)

The Book of the Vishanti is usually used by no one else but Doctor Strange or his disciple. In some cases, however, he may allow another student of the "white" arts to research a spell within those pages. To find a spell that fits a specific need a character must first make a Reason FEAT roll to find it within the Book; this requires 1-10 hours. The Book may never be taken from his mansion, except by Doctor Strange himself.

The Ancient One once mentioned that the Book of the Vishanti "contains all spells of defensive magic." Consequently, every defensive or protective power and spell known to the "order" school of magic can be found within the tome.

Kaluu once stated that the Book of the Vishanti contains "an infinite variety of spells", but that the "book itself is full of enchantment." This is best indicated by the ultimate defense of the book: not the spells within but the book itself, which can hurl back any attacking spell or power which strikes it. A few times Doctor Strange has used it as a form of magical shield against mystical beams (if an attack against him is successfully rolled, it will strike the Book and be deflected back at the original caster unless the attack was a Bull's-Eye). Any attack against it is turned back against the attacker in the same round. Damage, duration, and area of power all remain the same, as the normal power rank. Nothing can destroy the Book of the Vishanti, though it can be teleported to other dimensions and, possibly, time periods.

Another reference to the Book indicates it contains every counter-spell known to the "order" school of magic. Therefore whatever enchantment a villainous mage may cast, monster he may summon, or item he may create, there is a solution or counter-spell to it that can usually be found within the book, if only enough research time is exhausted in finding it. This same reference also notes that these are extremely powerful incantations that can doom the canter if he is mistaken. The Judge should explain to any character using these counter-spells that there is a chance of danger if they do not properly research the spell. If they ignore this warning and try to cast one of these in haste, he should determine what their fate should be if the FEAT roll fails (for example, transport to another dimension; Karma loss; or psychic stun for 1-10 weeks of lost time).

The Book of the Vishanti holds a spell that will release a character from the Darkhold's influence, but it will be difficult to find (Reason FEAT roll with a penalty of a 2CS and take at least 40 hours of study to locate it), and dangerous to cast (a ceremony that acts as the Exorcism of Transferral spell, but without the +2CS bonus; if the spell is not successfully rolled the character must then make a successful Psyche FEAT roll or be controlled by the Darkhold himself.)