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Purple Gem

Purple GemThis cantalope-sized purplish, diamond-cut gem was originally believed to be just an involuntary dimensional aperture item that transported people to the Purple Dimension against their will. Once there, they were enslaved by that dimension's Sorcerer Supreme, Aggamon. The gems were actually distributed on the Earth so a large labor force could be "stolen" from Earth's dimension. A Purple Gem was retained by Doctor Strange after it served its nexus purpose and the good Doctor forced Aggamon to free his slaves and cease his slave running. Strange later used the gem as a focus and amplifier for the power within his amulet.

The gem is especially powerful when using a Dimensional Energy incantation that calls on Aggamon. Doctor Strange commented, "Once, I believed this to be but a device for bridging the dimensions. Yet the gem's bloated appearance, as if it were a living being that had consumed its prey... makes me wonder about its true nature." The true nature of the Purple Gem has yet to be revealed.

Any character using a Purple Gem to focus a Dimensional Energy power will have the power rank of that power raised by + 1CS, not to exceed Mn(75) rank. For game purposes, a Purple Gem can only be safely used twice every 24 hours. If more attempts at its use are made, there is a 20% cumulative chance that the gem will transport the user to the Purple Dimension instead.