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Cloak of Levitation

Doctor Strange's Cloak of Levitation is a wondrous item indeed. It allows him to fly (see the Flight power, treat the cloak as having an In(40) power rank) for indeterminate lengths of time. While he can fly without the Cloak, the Cloak allows him to fly or levitate without casting a spell and with the slightest concentration. But the Cloak of Levitation allows Doctor Strange many more options that these.

He can mentally command his Cloak wherever it is, even if he is in his astral form or the cloak is in another dimension (though extradimensional control requires a successful Psyche FEAT roll). The commands can not only include flying and levitation, but retrieving, attacking, and enwrapping as well, These last powers are performed by the Cloak by acting as an appendage with In(40) Strength for the purposes of Grappling or Snatching. The Cloak, which is voluminous in size, can also swirl around and wrap up a target. Depending on where it is instructed to wrap it can blind (covering the head), prevent escape (twisting around feet and legs), stop attacks or magical gesturing (wrapping around the torso and pinning the arms), or completely encase a human (if 6' or under) like a mummy. On occasion, it has even been able to move Doctor Strange's physical body away from harm by commands from his astral form.

The final function of the Cloak is to act as a protection against eldritch magical attacks. For gaming purposes, treat this as a Shield—Aura with a Mn(75) spell rank.

The Cloak of Levitation was given to Doctor Strange by the Ancient One for defeating Dormammu. Its origins are, as yet, unrevealed.