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Sceptre of Shadow

This large mace was owned by the Slitherer, the huge guardian of the Shadow Dimension. It had a twisted golden handle topped with 4 long spikes and a large ebony sphere. A powerful black beam could be emitted from the sphere which spread throughout the are a of effect. This automatically blacks out the area, totally blinding all in it except the holder of the sceptre. The area can either be centered on the mace or moved off in a specific direction with the mace kept on the border of the area. Treat the Psyche of the user as the power rank of the sceptre for purposes of determining the area of effect and the duration of effect. Only a more powerful source of magical light, such as that provided by spells and items of Agamotto or Vishanti, can dissipate the darkness.

The sceptre will also inflict the damage of a Mace (damage equals Strength +1CS), or a war hammer if using 2 hands (damage equals Strength +2CS).

The Sceptre of Shadow originally owned by the Slitherer was destroyed, but if he could learn to make one (using the knowledge he gained from battling the Undying Ones), another sorcerer could also learn to make one, given the proper information, time, and materials.