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Serpent Crown

Serpent CrownAn object of mystical power created by the Serpent-Men and the human alchemists of Deviant-dominated pre-cataclysimc Lemuria. The helmet/crown was linked with the primeval daemon Set, who granted the helmet's wearer great psionic power while subjugating his will. The crown passed through various hands over the centuries. Finally, in recent years, the crown and hundreds of others from alternate Earths were merged into one gigantic crown. Just before it could succeed in giving Set a physical form on Earth, the crown was apparently reduced to metallic dust by the Cosmic Cube, a scientific artifact created by the evil organization Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.). However, some of the crowns from alternate Earths may have fractured off before the crown was destroyed.

If the Judge wishes to introduce 1 of the Serpent-Crowns from an alternate Earth into his campaign, he can vary its powers, adding any mental power he wishes, such as Telepathy, Telekinesis, Mesmerism, Mental Probe, etc., but the Serpent-Crown will always have the power of Mental Control at an In(40) power rank.

Set has a chance of taking over the wearer. He does this by making a FEAT roll each time the crown is placed on a character's head. The basic rank for this FEAT roll is Gd(10). For each additional power that Set has added to the crown (the Judge designates the powers and their power ranks in advance) Set's FEAT roll rank receives a +1CS. Therefore, if the crown has the Mental Control, Mesmerism, and Charm powers Set must make a Rm(30) rank FEAT roll to control the wearer.

Set's control of a wearer can be broken by the miscellaneous Spell of Exorcism or by removing the crown from the wearer's head. If the character wearing the crown is evil and wishes to serve Set removing the crown will not make him any less evil, but it will take the extra powers away from him.