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Staff of Polar Power

Staff of Polar PowerThis is actually a class of staves. They can come in any shape or material and range in size from 4' to 8' long. A Staff of Polar Power polarizes the holder with the power of the master who created it. Therefore different powers and different levels of mastery are engrained into each staff and no 2 are alike. All Staves of Power allow the character to become pure energy for the purpose of floating through dimensions. In such form a character can move through dimensions at a rate of 5 dimensions per round and ignore all physical attacks. Another quality of most Staves of Power is their ability to absorb attack spells cast at them. A successful blocking FEAT roll indicates the character has intercepted the spell with his staff ).

This item offers the Judge a great opportunity to be creative and is a good item to improve a freshly generated character who is weak.