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Pincers of Power

Pincers of PowerlThese small yellow discs appear on the back of the magic wielder's hands for the purpose of combat. When ready to fight, a pair of curved 1' yellow pincers appear, growing out from each disc. The character then fights with these pincers. The pincers do edged damage. Fighting with these pincers uses the character's Psyche ability instead of his Fighting ability. If the character wishes to target his opponent, he may, but only a hit to the head makes any difference as it stuns the brain for 10 hours.

The damage of a pincers hit to anywhere but the head is Ex(20).

If 2 characters are dueling with the Pincers of Power (this was a popular pastime of Dormammu in the Dark Dimension), each one must state where each hand is trying to target its hit. If 1 hand is defending an part of the body, then the opponent needs to attack with both hands to strike that same area. 2 hands can control the 1 hand of the opponent, however, and try to grapple him, as 2 characters normally would, causing an arm lock, throwing him, etc. If both hands strike an area where both of the opponents hands are then all 4 hands are magically pincered together. This can either be broken by a successful grapple (as normal) or by both characters making Psyche FEAT checks. Whoever wins the check, can force his opponent back a little or push his opponent's hands to where he wants them. After 3 successful checks like this, the character can remove 1 hand and still hold his opponent's 2 hands with only 1.

The winner of a pincer duel is the one that stuns his opponent or traps both hands while leaving his own free.