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Sword of Kamuu

Sword of KamuuThis ancient sword forged of arcane elements offers great mystic powers to those who know how to employ it. The sword is somehow linked to the royal blood line of Atlantis. Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner, is the most famous of this line. The sword was once used to change the course of Atlantean history, but was lost thereafter in an obscure sub-sea battle. It ended up in the hands of Alaric, a minor disciple who was raised to the level of a master by the blade. The golden blade traditionally has had a large gemstone in its hilt called the Eye of Zartra. This gem of ancient, almost forgotten sorcery is extremely potent on the Earthly plane. If it is imbedded in an item that is used to spill the blood of an Atlantean, the Eye takes over the item and uses it to destroy the user, but if it spills the blood of a Sorcerer Supreme, it grants immortality to the user.

Anyone who wears or wields the sword has great physical might bestowed upon him +1CS to his Endurance and +2CS to his Strength (neither to exceed the rank of Mn(75)) during its use. The blade is so ensorcelled as to cut through most magic defenses as if they were gossamer, otherwise treat it as an unbreakable 2-handed sword.

In recent times, the sword was used by Alaric in an attempt to kill Doctor Strange and achieve immortality for himself. But in the ensuing battle, Namor joined in and was cut by Alaric. The sword then turned upon Alaric and sliced him into mystic ribbons, then diffused these throughout the universe. Doctor Strange and Prince Namor, struck aghast by this series of events, decided to remove the Eye of Zartra from the sword. The eye now rests in Doctor Strange's keeping while the sword is in the care of Namor. For game purposes the sword still has the physical enhancement powers and can still cut through all normal defenses that are less than or equal to Mn(75) Material Strength and mystical defenses that are less than or equal to Am(50) Material Strength, while the gem now holds the key to immortality and the curse of striking down anyone who uses it against an Atlantean.