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Mystic's Encyclopedia


Welcome to the Mystic's Encyclopedia, a tome that deals with the more advanced aspects of magic in the Marvel Universe (and beyond). If you haven't checked out the Arcanum of Magic yet, read it before you go any further in this Encyclopedia. The Arcanum of Magic is the foundation for magic in the MARVEL SUPER HEROES™ Role Playing Game system. You must understand it before you can use the material found within this tome.

The Mystic's Encyclopedia will further define the use of magic, describe the diffe rent dimensions found in the Marvel Universe (and beyond) and explain dimensional travel, cover the various magical entities and super-human beings found in the Marvel Universe (and beyond), list additional specialized spells, and describe many of the magical items that may be available. This tome builds upon the foundation of the Arcanum of Magic, allowing the creation of a more complex magical scenario or character.

The best way for the Judge to use this material is to read through the entire section then go back and select the elements he wants to include in his campaign.

For players, the most obvious use of this tome would be to further define a Dimensional energy spell that entreats an entity (Hoggoth, Ikonn, etc.) But beyond that, the information within this tome provides a history of past exploits, characters, places, and items useful for developing heroes.