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The Wangal is the name of the amulet within which resides the spirit and power of Damballah, the now dead enemy of Brother Voodoo. This spirit is a partially humanoid serpent and can go from place to place by Astral Projection. Its ventures out of the Wangal are short. The Wangal spirit possesses the wearer, who becomes the host of Damballah. The voodoo powers of Damballah are many and varied. The most powerful is an Am(50) Control of all reptiles within the area of effect. It also allows the body of the wearer to Shape Shift into a reptile. Another obvious power is to pass through mortals, making them mindless slaves. This power is of In(40) power rank. Anyone who is passed through by Damballah's spirit is allowed a Psyche FEAT roll to resist his takeover, but they must make the check every time he passes through them (4 times maximum).

The Wangal cannot be removed by the wearer once it has been put on, but anyone else can pull it off of him.