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Entities vs. Schools of Magic

In the Arcanum of Magic casting shifts and specific entreaty FEAT rolls were introduced based on schools of magic that stood for order or chaos. The following is a list of entities that are known to work for either order or chaos.

Magic Entities for Order
Agamotto, All-Freeing, Ancient One, Eternity (though it is borderline), Hoggoth, Munnopor, Nirvalon, Oshtur, Vishanti

Magic Entities for Chaos
Chthon, Darkhold, Daemons and Chaos in General, Dormammu, Faralloh, Ikonn, Ikthalon, Mephisto, Mabdhara, Satannish, Set, Shuma-Gorath, Sligguth, Zom

Neutral Magic Entities
Amtor the Unspeakable, Avanahm, Balthakk, Bromagdon, Cinnibus, Cyndriarr, Cyttorak, Daronthon, Daveroth, Death, Denak, Draggus, Dyzakk, Falroth, Faltine, In-Betweener, Krakkan, Living Tribunal, Mytorr, Pohldahk, Raggadorr, Rangsabb, Seraphim, Valtorr, Watoomb