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The entity: An ancient and powerful being who is constantly being called "hoary". He apparently commands an impressive host of followers for they, too, are constantly entreated. Hoggoth's hand is often referred to, so possibly most of his spells emitted from there. Other references include his hounds and his hook, a scythe-like weapon.

Hoggoth is the 2nd member of the Vishanti, and it is possible that the hosts and beard that are referred to in some of the Vishanti spells are actually directed at the Hoggoth faction of that entity. His benevolence and goodness is obvious when Doctor Strange states that "Hoggoth, in his infintie wisdom, aids not the wicked".
The spells: "Hook of Hoggoth". Creates a large mystical scythe that is of an Ex(20) spell rank. The user mystically wields it like a weapon.

"Hand of Hoggoth". The user's hand will burst into non-damaging flames, then turn into a steel-taloned, manipulative hand that is able to hold an item or be used as a claw attack. The hand adds a +1CS to the character's Fighting ability for the purposes of combat. When the Hand of Hoggoth is present the user can utilize no magical spells except those that use personal energy.

"Hosts of Hoggoth". Incantation used to cast an In(40) ranked counter-spell that can be used against any previously cast spell.

"Mystical Hosts of Hoggoth". Incantation used to seal a dimensional aperture or nexus. Power rank of the seal is Am(50).

"Hoary Hosts of Hoggoth". Incantation used to introduce a spell of banishment. A successful Psyche FEAT roll is required, but, if successful, will send a target to another dimension or point in Earth's dimension. The point or other dimension is at the character's discretion.

"Mists of Hoggoth". Incantation used to either open a dimensional aperture, or provide a safe path in the Nightmare dimension, This path, which floats on nothingness, protects those on it from any evil enchantment. If the path is as yet untrodden, it can be destroyed, but connecting an improvised walkway to it, such as a rope or mystical vapor, will enchant this new path to become part of the pathway.