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The entity: A character/entity that is primarily known for his sight and light. Often is used as a symbol of truth or life. He is the first of 3 entities that comprise the more powerful entity of the Vishanti. Most probably the spells that refer to the light of the Vishanti actually are directed to this facet of the entity.
The spells: Agamotto's name is often called upon by Doctor Strange as a reinforcement of the powers of his amulet (see Eye of Agamotto). Whenever an Agamotto entreaty is used, a bright shining light will be emitted from either the caster's hands or an undisclosed source. This light will either:
  1. Act as an Eldritch Beam of Am(50) intensity for the sake of attacking chaotic creatures and characters.
  2. Blind chaotic creatures or characters if the user makes his Agility FEAT roll for Targeting (Yellow result or better is required).
  3. Act as an Eldritch Beam of Mn(75) intensity for the sake of breaking barriers, bands, cages, etc., real or magical.
  4. Force the truth to be spoken by anyone subjected to the beam (they receive a Psyche FEAT roll at a 2CS to ignore the effect of the beam).
  5. Completely dispell an illusion, charm, or other mental influence over a character.
  6. Act as the following powers at an Am(50) power rank: Mental Control, Mental Probe, and Telepathy.