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"And now by Agamotto, by Hoggoth and OshturóBy you 3 who are the Vishanti, famed beyond all spheres or stones, heed the call of Doctor Strangeó"

The entity: The Vishanti is the most unusual entity in that it actually is a combination of 3 different entities: Agamotto, Hoggoth, and Oshtur. This entity is the strongest extradimensional force for Order known. It has many different appearances: a 3-headed humanoid, bearded, yet ageless, humanoids, a blinding light, and even, at least it is written, as King, Queen, Son, and Daughter. The 1st appearance is the most common, that of a large humanoid with 3 heads: an emerald skinned humanoid woman with flowing brown hair, sparkling eyes, and a gemed headband; a bluish male humanoid with a receding hairline, pointed ears, and large, multifaceted, insect eyes; and a feline's head with orange facial hair, framed by a long grey mane, eyes of flame, and the mark of the ankh on his forehead. The symbol of the Vishanti is known as a safe sign throughout the dimensions. No sorcerer or daemon consecrated to evil could stand to look at it, much less re-create it.

The spells: The powers of the Vishanti are vast, as illustrated by the Book of the Vishanti. A Judge may start out a player character with a few spells from either Agamotto, Hoggoth, or Oshtur, or a mixture of each, but the Judge and player should really work together to create some new and unique spells for the character by which the Vishanti can continue their struggle against chaos.