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The entity: Eternity is the name for the sentient life-force of the universe who appears in a nebulous humanoid configuration to sorcerers and entities of a sufficient level of cosmic perception. Eternity is an ethereal being, as much abstract concept as actual reality, who exists as the sum total of all living things in the universe. Eternity has no real body; on the rare occaisions it manifests itself, it generally appears as a finite boundry of space, interspersed with planets, stars, and galaxies. As the collective consciousness of all the lifeforms of the multiverse, Eternity is dependent upon the trillions and trillions of beings that give it life. Eternity, and its fellow metaphysical being, Death, are said to encompass the multiverse in its entirety, but are not deities in the religious sense.
The spells: None specifically stated.
Miscellaneous Use: Eternity might intervene and grant an entreaty if it dealt with a situation that was threatening the balance of the cosmos. Otherwise, he would just ignore a plea. His energy would allow a character to perform whatever power he needed, but only for a short period of time, so as not to unbalance anything.