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DormammuReal Name: Dormammu.
Physical Form: Deity (Cosmic Entity)
Origin of Power: Self-Achievement
Fighting: Un(100) Agility: Un(100) Strength: Mn(75)
Endurance: CL1000(1000) Reason: Mn(75) Intuition: Mn(75) Psyche: Un(100)
Health: 1275 Karma: 250 Resources: N/A
Popularity: +90 to his followers, 30 to those who know of him but are not his followers, 0 to anyone else.
Age: 1,000+ Height: Varies Weight: Varies
Talents: Mystic Origin, Leadership, Occult Lore.
Contacts: Umar (sister), Clea (Niece), various followers.
Powers: Dormammu is a Master of the School of Chaos Magic and former Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension.

Dormammu's magical abilities rest almost entirely within himself, and are increased by other beings' worship of him. Dormammu can use any Personal, Universal, or Dimensional energy power and magical spell except those specifically connected to the maintenance of Order, such as the Agamotto and Vishanti powers.

The following are powers always available to him:
Counterspell: Un(100). Dormammu can cancel out or tamper with the magical spells of others. For example, he once caused Thor to transform into his mortal guise, reversing an enchantment of Odin. To do this, Dormammu must make a power rank FEAT roll.
Dimensional Aperture: Un(100). Dormammu can step through a dimensional aperture or teleport himself into the Earth dimension only on Halloween night and only after his followers perform a ceremony.
Eldritch Attacks: Mn(75)
Growing: Class 1000(1000). Dormammu can grow up to hundreds of feet tall.
Illusion:Am(50). Dormammu can create illusions in other dimensions.
Interdimensional Teleportation: Class 1000(1000). Dormammu can teleport within his dimension. This includes the ability to slip into interdimensional space and travel back in time in any dimension. The use of this power results in a 2CS of Dormammu's Psyche and the power ranks of his spells for no less than 24 hours. In addition there is also the normal 1CS for being in another dimension.
Matter Rearangement: Un(100)
Nature Control - All: Un(100). Dormammu can control the 4 basic elements and the weather of a planet he is near.
Shrinking: Un(100)
Telepathy: CL1000(1000). Dormammu can telepathically contact anyone throughout the dimensions. If the contact person's Psyche rank is Class 1000, Dormammu must first make a successful red Psyche FEAT for contact.
Transformation: Un(100). Dormammu can use this magical power on himself or other items and beings.
Pincers of Power
Dormammu's Wraiths
Weakness: None.

Note: Dormammu increases his Health, power, and abilities by draining spiritual energy from his followers. Therefore he cannot be destroyed unless all of his followers no longer exist.

Little is known of Dormammu's origins, other than that he is a member of the extradimensional Faltine race. With the help of his sister Umar, he defeated the invasion of the Mindless Ones and became ruler of the Dark Dimension, increasing his magical abilities by transforming his body into mystical energy. He consolidated his power, exiled his sister, and eventually became Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension.

As a result of his latest defeat, Dormammu was scattered throughout the universe. It is not believed however, that he was permanently destroyed, but rather just severely weakened. During his absence, both Umar and Clea have been Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension.

In the last years of his known existence, Dormammu's attention was not focused on reestablishing himself as leader of that dimension, but rather on defeating Doctor Strange and conquering Earth. To accomplish these ends Dormammu enlisted the aid of humans, most notably Baron Mordo. The quantity of power that Dormammu can confer upon a minion is immeasurable, but at least potentially sufficient to dwarf a dimension's sorcerer supreme.