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The entity: Little is known of the Seraphim, except these are not the angels refered to in Christian religion. They are probably shadowy creatures or actual shades (spirits of the dead), sinister to gaze upon, and almost impossible to harm. This last supposition is due to the large number of protection spells and entreaties that are connected with them. They are also very, very fast.
The spells: "Great Shield of the Seraphim". Acts as the Shield-Great spell with a spell rank of Un(100).

"Unscathable Shield of the Sacred Seraphim". Acts as the Shield—Aura spell of an Am(50) spell rank, but appears as shining golden armor.

"Many Shields of the Seraphim". Acts as the Shield—Multiple spell of an In(40) rank.

"Shining Circle of the Seraphim". Creates a ring of "anti-force" around any character the user desires to act as a defense. It has a Rm(30) spell rank vs. anything that tries to enter it, except air and gas. Only 1 character can have a shining circle around him at a time.

"Seraphim's Grim Shield". Acts as the Shield—Individual spell of Rm(30) rank. Once the Grim Shield is created, it can indicate where great evil exists near to the user (Judge's discretion). This will also indicate to the user, by glowing, if a particular individual is evil (as in a villain).

"Secrets of the Seraphim". Acts as the magical Flight spell. The spell rank, for the determination of duration of effect and flight speed, is the user's Psyche rank +2CS.

"Sign of the Seraphim". Powerful spell that is risky to use. A mage attempting it must make a Psyche FEAT roll with a –3CS modifier. If he fails, he is stunned for 1-100 hours. If he succeeds, he is not only protected from the next magical attack, he completely takes control of the attack. He decides who is attacked and to what degree, but the spell rank consideration is based on the original caster. This can be extremely effective against someone like Dormammu.

"Shades of the Seraphim". Incantation used to create 1 of the following spells, each with a rank of Rm(30).

  1. Acts as the Scrying spell.
  2. Combination Dimensional Aperture and Interdimensional Teleport.
  3. An Eldritch Bolt that severs any of Cyttorak's holding or entrapment spells.