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(Also called He Who Waits)

The entity: An extremely powerful daemon who loves to grant power to mortals in exchange for the promise of their life essences(souls).
The spells: "Swirling Storms of Satannish." Creates a small lightning storm over a target. Each round a single lightning bolt strikes at the target (Rm(30) Agility for shooting at the target). The spell rank is Rm(30) for the purposes of damage, duration of spell, and area of effect.

"Storms of Satannish." Calls forth a torrent of mystical energies that alters the appearance of one's aura, allowing one to escape magical detection (somewhat like an Invisibility to Magic spell).
Miscellaneous Use: The Parable of Power:
"From the Realm of the Dread Satannsh
Whence came the forms of Fear
Let all dark veils now vanish
Thy Herald now appear!"
Calls forth a faceless, cloaked and hooded figure who is the herald of Satannish. He will show, through a mystic orb, whatever he is asked, even those who are subject to the Spell of Everlasting Vanishment. This is the only way to locate someone who has been striken by that spell.