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Munnopor(Also called Munnoper and Munnipor)

The entity: An extradimensional world, orbited by 12 moons and covered by mists. The chronicled phrase "By the moonlit vale of Munnopor, vast haven of the meek" offers a pastoral view of the location, almost a protective landscape. The moons of Munnopor are used extensively in entreaties to this entity, they may possibly be the source of its great magic.

The spells: "Mystic Moons of Munnopor." A successful Psyche FEAT roll shatters any field, magical or otherwise (this includes magical, psionic, psychic, mutant, etc., force fields, static fields, invisibility fields, magnetic fields, all Shield-spells except Shield-Great, etc.).

"Munnopor's Moonlit Maze." Creates a mental maze for the target that acts as the Confusion spell of an In(40) spell rank, but the target's FEAT roll to ignore the effects is at a 1CS.

"By the many moons of Munnopor." Acts as the Glamor spell, but the targets' Psyche FEAT roll for ignoring the effect is at a 1CS.

"Mists of Munnopor." Acts as the Vapors - Obscurity spell of a Rm(30) spell rank but with the added facet of acting as a suffocating gas. Anyone in the area, except the caster, must make an Endurance FEAT roll or have his Strength, Agility, and Endurance abilities reduced -2CS while in the misted area.