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The entity: Believed to be a location, possibly the dimension of Raggadorr itself (see Dimensions). No comment has ever been uttered to imply that Raggadorr is a character or creature.
The spells: "Seven Rings of Raggadorr"---Have numerous applications, listed below. In all cases the Rings float over the target, drop down on him, and contract. The target is allowed an Agility FEAT check for Dodging the Rings. Successfully Dodging the Rings will not make them go away, but the user must target the Rings with an Agility FEAT roll as a bull's-eye thereafter. Unless otherwise indicated, the spell rank is In(40) for the purposes of countering the spell or determining the duration of effect. The area of effect is always 1 target, though that target can be as large as an elephant.
  1. Acts as the Bands spell. Power rank is the user's Psyche rank +1CS. They do not work on a target surrounded by the "Flames of the Faltine".
  2. Prevents the target from using Universal or Dimensional Energy spells for the duration of the effect.
  3. Wraps an area of silence around the target. This is particularly effective against opponents who use sonic powers.
  4. Acts as the Mental Control spell.
"Ribbons of Raggadorr": This is almost a solid manifestation of fireworks that act to snag opponents. Everyone in the area of effect, except the user, must make an Agility FEAT roll for Dodging these hanging snares. This check must be made for every round of movement through the affected area.

"Rains of Raggadorr": These mystical rains are extremely cleansing and can destroy even the most vile of evil fungi and plagues, almost instantly.