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The entity: Probably a location, filled with vapors and possibly, snakes. The exclamation "By Valtorr's dread clime" and the reference to the Vapors of Valtorr "Wherein the Nameless Dwell" both tend to support this theory. Vapors are the most consistent reference to Valtorr, that may be where the magic within the location is strongest.
The spells: "Vapors of Valtorr" Creates vapors like all the Vapors spells, at the user's choosing. Power rank for these vapors is Rm(30) or the characters Psyche rank, whichever is higher.

Another effect can be to create a cushion of vapors to act as a cushion from a great fall. No spell rank is considered for this use.

Still another use of the vapors is to call forth the energy that resides within them as little lightning bolts. These bolts cause Rm(30) damage to whoever or whatever the user desires within the area of spell. Power rank is In(40).

"Dark Vapors of Valtorr". Acts as the Bands spell of Am(50) rank. Magical lights, such as the "Light of the Eternal Vishanti" or the light from a spell or item of Agamotto will automatically destroy these vapors, without consideration of the spell rank.

"Staggering Vapors of Valtorr" Drops the movement rate of any character within the area of effect, except the user, down to 1/2 area per round. The spell rank is the user's Psyche rank.

Artificial "Vapors of Valtorr". When created by using smoke from a brazier, the vapors act as the Paralyze spell. The rank is In(40).

"Vipers of Valtorr". This spell can be used in 1 of 2 different ways:
  1. As a sort of Matter Rearrangement spell, turning an inanimate item into a snake of equal mass. A successful Psyche FEAT roll by the user indicates he has control over the snake. The newly formed snake can bite (causing Ty(6) edged damage) and big ones can squeeze (causing Gd(10) damage), but have no other attack forms. At the end of the duration of effect the snake turns back into the item.
  2. Vapors appear, as in most of Valtorr's spells, but out of the vapors huge, green, sucker-covered tendrils strike out. They cause Rm(30) damage and can grapple. Their Strength for this last purpose is In(40).