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The entity: Oshtur is a personality that apparently intervenes personally in mankind's affairs. Doctor Strange refers to him as "It was He who warned me of those who feed on other spells." Oshtur is usually referred to as Omnipotent, as a Judge, and the Lord of the Skies. His "fearsome visage, 'fore which all things do shake", "the lance that Oshtur hurled", and "his mighty hands" are the only other clues that we have as to his appearance.

Oshtur is the 3rd entity to form the combined entity of the Vishanti.
The spells: "Oshtur's Mighty Hands". Incantation used to create a counter-spell. The spell rank of this spell is Un(100) and it can be used against any spell previously cast, but no more than once a day. It requires 10 rounds of casting time to finish the ritual.

"Spells of Omnipotent Oshtur" Have 1 of 2 effects, as they have been used in the past.
  1. A mystical force which can gently, but firmly, part crowds, foliage, probably even water to a reasonable depth (Judge's discretion). The parting cannot work on obstacles with a Material Strength of Ty(6) or better, unless there is room for them to slide out of the way. This spell is partly Telekinetic in nature.
  2. Can create a large blue crystal which will form around any item, magical or otherwise, up to the size of a 3' cube. The Material Strength of the crystal is Un(100). Doctor Strange once prevented Tiboro from using his sceptre by trapping it inside 1 of these crystals.