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The Entity: A race of highly magical humanoids that live in the Dark Dimension. Dormammu and Umar are members of the Faltine race. Clea is half-Faltine.
The Spells: "Flames of the Faltine". This is an extremely common entreaty and has many effects, though they are similar. Unless otherwise stated, the spell rank is In(40).
  1. Breaks Bands and other entrapment spells if a successful spell rank FEAT roll is made, even if the rank of the entrapment spell is stronger
  2. Prevents some entrapment spells, such as the 7 Rings of Raggadorr, from even touching the user.
  3. The flames, when formed as a wall between the user and an attacker, can absorb Eldritch Beam/Bolt attacks.
  4. The flames, when cast on a character, can "burn off" any Pishogue spell inflicting the character.
  5. The flames can "burn" the Animation spell out of an item.
  6. The flames can act as Eldritch Attack spells. The most common use of this is as an Eldritch Flames sheet of green fire or an emerald fireball that looks like an Eldritch Flame but attacks like an Eldritch Blast.
"Unquenchable Flames of the Faltine". This incantation is used to guide time or dimensional travelers back to their own dimension. It cannot be snuffed out by even the most powerful of magics.
"From their bitter, blazing land
May the Faltine raise their hand
May their flames now leap and hiss
Open wide a great abyss."
Cracks open in the land where the user points (must start in an adjoining area or the user's area itself). The crack can be as deep as the user wishes, to a maximum depth of 40 areas. Anyone in the area must make an Agility FEAT or fall in the crack.