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The entity: Unbelievably powerful extra-dimensional monster who is a 30' tall, humanoid, covered with long brown hair. His hands were bound by the Links of Living Bondage by Dormammu, then Eternity imprisoned him within the Legendary Amphora, further preventing him from using his powers by the Crown of Blindness. Doctor Strange freed him to drive Umar from the Earth dimension, then bound him in his vase-like prison once more.

If his forelock is severed his powers diminish and the sense of evil which had slumbered for ages in the mystics of mankind is awakened. It sets free the forces of mystic anarchy and threatens the very balance of the cosmos themselves. The last time this happened the Living Tribunal appeared and almost destroyed the Earth dimension rather than allow this imbalance to grow.

The spells: Unrevealed, but Zom is highly chaotic and will most likely help anyone who wishes to harm the order of the universe. He can never grant more than a Rm(30) spell ranked spell, unless it is to be directed at Dormammu, Eternity, or Doctor Strange, in which the spell ranking can increase to Am(50). In the past Zom has used the following spells, and so can most likely grant spell for their use: "7 Bands of Cyttorak", Dimensional Aperture, and Flight. His powers do not extend into the Dark Dimension.

Miscellaneous Use: "In the names of the Monstrous Zom." Part of a vague incantation, more of a supportive or back-up entreaty than a primary one.