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Entities & Entreating

Extradimensional entities are often spoken of as gods in the Marvel Universe. A Marvel Universe god is a humanoid being with a longer life-span and greater physical powers than human beings, whose kinsmen or self has once been worshipped by humanity. Some races of gods, such as the Olympians, are for all practical purposes, immortal. All races of gods now dwell on some extradimensional world, although they may have lived on Earth in ancient times. There seems to be a special connection between the gods who were once worshipped on Earth and Earth itself. See the Specific Dimensions section for Asgard, Heliopolis, and Olympus.

When a character wishes to perform some spell that is not defined in the Arcanum of Magic or the Judge wishes to intervene in the interest of game balance, a god (which we will call as entity from here on) is usually entreated or introduced. For a character to perform such a task requires a successful use of an entreaty dimensional spell. Many entities are given which can be entreated under the dimensional spells list in the Arcanum of Magic, but certainly additional spell effects are possible.

If a player with dimensional spells wishes to create a new spell, he should discuss its exact definition with the Judge, the spell can be whatever the Judge decides (use already established spells as guidleines.) Once the spell is established the Judge can then assign it to an entity, but before he can do this (or use entities as manipulators in a campaign), he must understand what they are and what it has been indicated that some of them are capable of doing or granting. This section is included for this purpose.