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The entity: A powerful demon who "is the very personification of illusion". He used to be worshipped in a remote mountain temple in Tibet. (See Item Section, Bell of Ikonn.) His appearance is most bizarre. Physical laws bend at his slightest thought and whim becomes deed. lkonn is the destroyer of illusions as well as the creator.
The spells: "Illusions of Ikonn". Acts as either the Illusion spell (targets have a 1CS to their FEAT rolls to disbelieve the illusion) or as a Dispel Illusion spell (spell rank of Rm(30), if spell rank FEAT roll is successful the illusion disappears).

"Images of Ikonn". Incantation that acts as the Trance spell with a spell rank of In(40). It also is used as the Image Projection spell, except only 1 Psyche FEAT roll is used at the beginning of the spell to create multiple images, not a separate FEAT roll for every image.
Miscellaneous use: Mr. Rasputin, a descendant of the original Rasputin, was the first known to entreat Ikonn. Over the years the entreating of Ikonn has progressed from a "forbidden ritual" to a not uncommon practice.