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The entity: The In-Betweener is a cosmic entity who exists as the synthesis of the major concepts of the universe: life and death, reality and illusion, good and evil, logic and emotion, existence and nothingness, god and man. 15' in stature, half white, half black, the In-Betweener is an agent of Lord Chaos and Master Order, 2 of the universe's principal abstract beings, whose appointed task is to maintain the universal balance. The In-Betweener is simultaneously existing and not existing, present everywhere and present nowhere.

While possessing sufficient power to alter reality on a cosmic scale, the In-Betweener is not all-knowing or infallible. Indeed, within the parameters of the In-Betweener's existence is both power and weakness, knowledge and ignorance.
The spells: Unrevealed, but will only grant an entreaty that is essential to maintain the dichotomy of a concept.
Miscellaneous Use: "By the Wastes of Ikthalon". Used as an exclamation, implying a barren land.