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Daemons & Chaos in General

Many entreating spells are calling on daemons in general, chaos in general, or the concept of evil-turning it around to work against it. Following are some examples of these entreaties, which, when chanted in conjunction with a normal power or another entreaty for the purpose of doing evil, adds a +1CS to any successful effects of those powers. For game purposes, this should only be used by villains.
"Shades of the Shadowy Daemons". Tiboro uses this often.

"By the evil I abhor...". Doctor Strange and Clea have both used this, though rarely and always against evil (Master level magic wielders seem to know how to use the forces of evil against each other).

"Dormammu's Daemons!". Direct entreaty to Dormammu, the powerful daemon who used to be the Sorcerer Supreme of the Dark Dimension.

"Daemons of Darkness". Possible alternative entreaty to Dormammu.

"By the Touchstone of Fear".

"By the Daemons that swoop o'er the shadowy shores".