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The Entity: Unrevealed, but it most likely is crimson.
The Spells: "Crimson Bands of Cyttorak", "Crimson Circle of Cyttorak", "Cyttorak's Crimson Band", and the "Crimson Rings of Cyttorak". All act as variants on the Bands spell. The power rank is always the user's Psyche rank +1CS. The bands can be shaped as rings, a thick circle, a box, a large gem, and so forth, whatever the caster desires.

In addition, the Crimson Bands can also be manipulated like a whip for snatching things or like a rope for pulling characters out of danger.

All of the bands can be severed easily by the Shades of the Seraphim spell.

"Scarlet Sphere of Cyttorak" acts as above, but requires great concentration as it renders its victim completely helpless.

"Crimson Crystals of Cyttorak" acts as the Eldritch Crystals spell of an In(40) power rank. They also can form mystical gemstones that, when given to the Icons of the Infinite, bestow upon them the ability to unleash the fearful Zom from the Legendary Amphora (see the Magical Items section).

"7 Bands of Cyttorak" acts as the Net spell of a Rm(30) power rank.

"Conjured Crystal of Cyttorak" acts as a Shield - Aura of an Am(50) power rank, but does not allow movement.