Reaction to Rina's Licensure



July 2005

Disclaimers: Do you think Iíd be sitting here if I actually owned them?

I donít know whether to kiss him or kill him.

Only Rodney McKay could inspire this welter of confusion in me. On the one hand, I like it that he wants to mark me as his. On the other hand, itís a dog collar and tag! Shooting him wouldnít be out of line, but Iíd much rather drag him to bed.

Heís watching me, waiting to see if Iím going to punch him or walk out the door or put it on. God, Iíve never seen bluer eyes, and at the risk of nauseating myself with my own sappiness, I could drown in them.

"Rodney..." If I wasnít already committed to him, the look of mingled fear and hope in those eyes would get me. Iíd never have imagined this only a few months ago, but I want him, and he wants me too.

I just wish I knew what the engraving on this tag says.

Then again, it doesnít really matter. I know what it means.

"Put it on for me?"



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