Reaction to Rina's Fragile.



July 2005

Disclaimer: Not mine. ::pout::

Im alive. Go figure. I never really thought Id see Atlantis again, never be standing here surrounded by stuff that lights up when I brush against it, and that was okay because it would still be here. He would.

I did what I had to, to save the people it was my duty to protect, but I wish Id had time to explain. "So long, Rodney." That was all I said before I took off, and I know it was the only way, but oh, I wish Id had time to say everything I wanted to.

And Im going to wish that even more once he gets over being glad Im back and remembers it.

Maybe I could ship out on the Daedalus? Naw, hed just hunt me down and drag me back and be even more pissed. Not to mention that this is my home now.

There he is. God, he looks like hell, tired and wired, and his hands are shaking, and I dont care if the new arrivals from Earth are here, I have to go to him.

Hes in my arms now, where he belongs, and I can feel the tremors brought on by exhaustion and too many stimulants... and maybe reaction to my return?

Hes alive, and that makes everything worthwhile. My home is still here.

"Hi, Rodney."




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