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July 2005

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Okay, why am I shivering in my bed at a much too early hour in the morning when I should be warm and asleep next to my very comfortable body pillow, John Sheppard?

The sheets beside me are cool, and so is the breeze coming in from the open balcony door... Open balcony door? What the...

For a moment, Iím sure Iím dreaming because I swear thereís an angel standing there in the early morning light. Not one of the harp, robe, and white wings angels, but one of the post-modern, hard-edged ones. Dangerous, smart, and so fucking gorgeous they make you cry.

I know the physics behind the refraction of light rays, but that doesnít change the fact that right now he looks like he has a halo. Itís fitting somehow, considering how many times heís saved our asses here. John Sheppard, guardian angel of Atlantis and, in particular, of one Dr Rodney McKay.

All right, Iím not going to get any sleep knowing heís out there, and only part of that is because the sight of him has me so hard I hurt. Fuck, the floorís cold; why didnít the Ancients develop heated tiling?

Pants, pants... there they are, last nightís sweats that got tossed in the corner once they werenít needed any longer. Word to the wise: going to bed with any clothes on is not allowed when your lover is John Sheppard.

God, the balcony is even colder than the room, but Iíll survive because when John doesnít notice my not so quiet approach behind him, somethingís wrong.

He stiffens slightly when I slide my arms around his waist and press up against his back, the skim warming quickly with our combined body heat. The dog tags he gave me are a small disconnect between us, but soon theyíre simply a conduit between us, channeling the heat and comfort.

My palmís splayed flat on his chest, and I can feel the steady beat of his heart, the beats somewhat quicker than normal, but still even. Itís this sound I fall asleep to every night and that I wake to each morning. Itís this sound that has become the aural center of my world, the rhythmic cadence I could happily listen to for the rest of my life.

I press my hand against his chest, feeling the vibration that matches the tones in my ear, then press a kiss against his shoulder. "Good morning."

And it is.

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