Reaction to Rina's Why?

Why Me?


July 2005

Disclaimers: Do you think Iíd be sitting here if I actually owned them?

I really donít get it. I mean, I know what I look like; Iím not an idiot, and of course I use it. But thatís not what draws someone like him, at least not more than once. It helps that Iím not some dumb trained ape or whatever it is that he likes to call us soldiers, but really, compared to him, weíre close.

So why me?

Sometimes when weíre sitting in a briefing, Iíll look over at him, and Iíll remember the night before, or even a few minutes before when I might have dragged him into the Atlantean version of a supply closet, and I know I start to grin. Itís knowing that the smartestóand one of the hottestóman in two galaxies spends most nights in my bed.

He brings that same focus to everything he does, whether itís saving us all from death or making me scream with pleasure. Iím really glad that the rooms are sound-proof.

But the reality is that despite his attitude, which I think is more self defense than anything elseóand Iíd really like to know who made Rodney think that he needs to attack first to keep from being hurtóif he showed an interest in almost anyone, theyíd jump him in a heartbeat. So why does he want me?

But he does, and Iím not going to make him question it. Mensa-level here. Iíve got him and Iím keeping him, no matter why he picked me. Because I get to do this.

"Hey, Rodney?"



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