Notes: Reaction to Rinaís Black Coffee in the Morning.

Wake up Call


August 2005

Disclaimers: Do you think Iíd be sitting here if I actually owned them?

I used to love sleeping in whenever I could, pulling the covers up and snuggling down into a warm pillow, early morning light filling the room while I lay there dozing. But now... Now, I have Rodney to snuggle into, and Iíd much rather watch him sleep than sleep myself. I usually wake at dawn, but now I donít go back to sleep. Instead I lie in bed and watch him.

Like everything else he does, Rodney gives sleeping his total concentration. Iíve never seen anyone sleep so deeply. I remember the first morning I woke up in the same bed with him. I didnít want to disturb him, but I had to touch, had to run my hand along the curve of his hip, had to feel that soft, warm skin against the palm of my hand. So I did. And he never moved! The man could sleep through an incursion into the room, Iím sure. I think he knows Iíd die before I let anything get to him.

But I learned that as long as I keep away from his cock and nipplesómostlyóI can touch as much as I want and he wonít wake up. So Iíve learned every hollow of his body, found the spots that make him squirm, and I use my newfound knowledge every chance I get.

Sometimes I get up before he wakes up to do the never-ending paperwork that came with the job of senior officer, and he usually just grumbles when I ease out of bed. But Iíve noticed that if Iím out of bed for too long, he starts to shift around restlessly as if heís looking for me. But if I go over and sit beside him for a moment and touch him, he goes right back to sleep. I like that. A lot.

Oh, who am I kidding? I love it, just like I love him. And isnít that a laugh? I came to Atlantis to get away from my life, and I found him.

Iím glad.

I have a surprise for him this morning. Everyone thinks that the tape was my personal item. Well, it was, of course, but the Ďone itemí business really applied to what a person could carry in their pack along with the mission supplies allocated to them. And a tape doesnít weigh much or take up much room. My real item was a five-pound bag of coffee beans.

I knew weíd run out eventually, and I wanted to have some. I donít make a big deal of it like Rodney does, but I love coffee too. I havenít broken into it yet, wanting to save it for special occasions since there wonít be any more unless we find a ZPM and get the gate open, but I think I will today. Good thing I scammed a small coffee maker from supplies a while back, even if the only thing that usually goes in it is that stuff Batesí team found on some world. So not coffee!

Rodneyís nose wrinkles like an inquisitive rabbit when I move the cup close enough for the aroma of the coffee to waft toward him. God, heís cute. And heíll kill me when I say that, but itís true.

Damn, the look on his face is almost enough to make me come. Howís a guy supposed to ignore that? I know I canít.

God, he tastes good, salty and slightly bitter and totally Rodney.

Wow, he actually put the coffee aside for me. Iíll let him have the rest of the carafe. Later.



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