Sequel to Resolution



July 2005

Disclaimers: Do you think Iíd be sitting here if I actually owned them?

Well, I didnít kill him. Of course, itís just as well Iím the senior officer in this galaxy because Iíd hate to have to explain to a superior why Iím wearing a dog collar. But if he can lay claim to me, I get to do the same.

Iím just not sure how I want to do it. Matching tags would just be corny and way too high school, but I think heíd find new and terrifying ways to kill me if I suggested a tattoo.

Heís looking a little concerned now. No wonder. Iíve been sitting here staring at him in silence for a while now.

"Donít start imagining weird calamities, Rodney. I was just thinking about something, and some of us canít focus on two or three things at once." Ah, there he goes. I thought that would get him; heíll tell me exactly how many things he actually can do at once in minute detail. Heís fun to listen to when he gets all wound up. I wonder if heíll ever realize I do it on purpose and what heíll do to me when he does. Should be interesting.

But this isnít helping me decide... Oh. Of course.

He gave me a dog tag, so I can give him my dog tags. Well, not the actual ones, of course, but Iíll bet I can get Castleman to make a damn good copy.

Iím not sure how heíll react though. Itís kind of a statement. Oh hell, thereís only one way to find out...




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