Reactionary POV #13


August 2005

Disclaimers: Do you think Iíd be sitting here if I actually owned them?

Things used to be simple. Back before I found about stargates and Ancient cities and life-sucking parasites and Rodney McKay. Hey, something new had to be good, right? And I got Rodney.

Boy, did I get Rodney. In fact, we may be attached for life, which is kind of funny, considering. But itís kind of a problem at the moment. Somehow the tags I gave him got tangled with mine while we were sleeping, and weíre pretty much tied together now. Which could be fun in a kinky sort of way except that I canít get them apart. And I canít take them off either because theyíre too tight now that theyíre tangled.

Oh well, Iím sure my favorite genius will get us out of this once he wakes up. Who knew that his tendency to snuggle would get us into this? Not that I mind. It is my arm thatís wrapped around him, holding him even closer.

Iíve gotten used to waking up like thisóminus the bondage, of course.

Rodney McKay was an unexpected entanglement in my simple life, but I like it. I like him. But I like breathing too, so he needs to get us out of this.

"Hey, Rodney."




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