Notes: Reaction to Rinas Freedom.

Reactionary POV 15


October 2005

Disclaimers: Do you think Id be sitting here if I actually owned them?

Okay, this is not quite what I expected. I figured hed wake up, freak about our little situation and blame me. Check. Then Id calm him down and hed disentangle us. No check. The kinky bastard actually likes this. Which is something were definitely going to have to explore some time when we know there wont be any interruptions, but thats beside the point at the moment. I think. He confuses the hell out of me at times.

"Arent you afraid of being strangled if we get startled or something?" I ask after he tells me he wants to stay like this for a little while. He shakes his head at me. He picks the strangest times not to be paranoid. But yeah, his heads on my shoulder and his hand on my chest, and it is pretty good. I wouldnt mind staying like this for a year or two.

And from what hes told me, this is pretty new to him too. I think he has even worse luck with relationships than I do. We both have ways of keeping people at a distance; his are just more annoying than mine. Though he says Im worse on the rare (drunken!) occasions that we talk about stuff like that.

I think its going to work for us though. I like having him here with me, and he obviously likes being here too. Just one thing I should clarify.

"You know, Rodney, Id lie here with you even if we werent tied together."




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