July 2005

Disclaimers: Do I look like I own them?

I donít like dogs.

I mean, I have nothing against them as a species, but personally, they just donít do much for me, not any more. Theyíre too easily distracted, and they spread their affection around without a thought for how it might make a person feel. I mean, for Godís sake, you have to put a collar and a license on them to make sure they get home if they run off!

Cats now, theyíre much more likable in my book. Smart, arrogant, aloof when they want to be but also capable of cuddling; cats are a perfect design. You can let them wander, but they always come home because they remember where home is.

If I were an animal, Iíd want to be a cat, and Iíd be a damn good one; not one of those scruffy alley cats or pampered, preening lap pets. Nothing fancy, not even a pure bred; those have all the brains bred out of them. A simple calico. No, black, Iíd want to be black, black with green eyes and an extra toe on one hind foot.

Forget all that superstitious nonsense about black cats being bad luck; I mean, my God, no one ever had a fit because their path was crossed by a black dog, did they? A black dog... that would be Major Sheppard. Something like a lab: friendly, but a good hunter and much, much too affectionate for my good. Everyone loves labs; everyone wants to take them home, and they enjoy it.

I hate dogs; never mind that they can be warm and loving and wonderful to curl up with. Itís just, collars and licenses and all the care they take... Itís too much. Iíll get distracted or yell, and then Iíll look up, and heíll be gone.

It. It would be gone, and no one would know where to return it.

Unless... I canít do anything about the distraction or the yelling, but I can make damn sure heíd be returned.

I need to go talk to Holling about the leatherwork and to Castleman; heís always fiddling around with metal.


This is going to work.

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