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Kiss Me



Duo, after a peaceful sleep, was abruptly woken up at six in the morning by Quatre. "What the hell are you doing here? Why the hell did you wake me up?"

Quatre sat at the edge of the bed. Geez, didn’t expect him to be like this! His good mood had gone bad. "Sun came up."

"…Quatre…." Duo muttered.

"Yes?" Quatre asked in hope. Mm, perhaps he’ll declare his love for me now?

"…Get your ass in the kitchen and make breakfast," Duo yawned.

Quatre stormed out of Duo’s room, muttering something about that’s all he was good for.

Duo yawned again. "Odd day…yesterday." Sleepily, he got up out of bed and proceeded to walk down the hall like a zombie.

"Ah, good morning, Duo," Trowa yawned, coming out of the bathroom. Even after a shower, he was still just as sleepy as Duo. He affectionately put his arms around Duo’s shoulders and walked down the hall with him, yawning the words, "Mmm, Duo-kun…. How was your night?"

Somehow…he felt very comfortable in Trowa’s arms. "Um, a bit weird, but fine…I think." …Trowa…that’s right…

"Mmm, good," Trowa said, kissing the top of Duo’s head. "From the way everyone was talking about my cooking, I was afraid I wouldn’t see you in the morning."

"…Well, I’m here," Duo muttered, snuggling deeper into Trowa. It just feels so right. He enjoyed Trowa’s kisses on his head and was about to tilt his head to kiss him back when he heard something.


"Mm?" Trowa muttered, turning around. "Heero," he yawned, "shower’s all yours."

Heero said nothing, but he gave Trowa his patented death glare. Omae o korosu! He gave Duo and I-can’t-believe-you look and turned heel to take a shower.

Trowa mumbled something within a yawn and put his arms around Duo, putting his lips on Duo’s head and kissing softly.

"Mmf," Duo muttered as he welcomed Trowa’s embrace, leaning his head on his shoulder. Kiss me. Comfortable in his embrace and silence, Duo wrapped his arms around Trowa’s neck. Kiss me.

"TROWA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Quatre screeched from the kitchen.

"Mm?" Trowa responded in another yawn.

"I told you to put your shrimp…stuff…in the freezer!!!!!!!! Now look at it!!!!!!!!!!" he continued screeching.

"I did."

"Stop lying! You did not!"

"Yo, Quatre! Chill out! He did!" Duo responded, still having his arms around Trowa’s neck.

"Then how the HELL did it end up under the sink?????????????"

Trowa blinked.

"I have a confession to make. I didn’t eat your shrimp stuff," Duo said quickly.

"If you did, I doubt you’d be here," Trowa said sourly as he let go of Duo and went off to help Quatre.

Duo chuckled and turned to the bathroom door where he heard Heero’s shower running. "Wonder what’s wrong with Hee-chan?" he asked no one in particular. He’s been acting more…Heeroish…than usual…

"Dunno, maybe he didn’t get enough sleep last night," Wufei said. He didn’t appear sleepy or zombie-like at all.

"…Oh…okay. Good morning, Wufei," Duo said as he walked into the living room and turned on the TV. From the kitchen, he could hear Quatre screeching about something and Trowa smacking something squishy with a spatula.

"I suppose Quatre and Trowa are doing battle with his shrimp catastrophe now…" Wufei said, following him.

"…Yep…and it sounds like the shrimp is winning…. So what are you doing?"

"…Nothing," Wufei said, slightly confused.

"That should change," Duo yawned as he leaned back on the couch to watch cartoons.

"…Oh…all right," Wufei said, walking away in a depressed manner.

"Yo, Wuffie – stay. There’s this newsflash…someone escaped from the colony insane asylum really late last night and police say he might be in the area now…. Lock your doors and don’t go outside…?" Duo said as he summarized the newsflash. Poor guy…it must be near freezing outside by now…

"…So you mean there’s this insane asylum escapee running around the area?" Wufei shuddered. "I’m glad the weather’s like it is."

"Yeah, and what’s up with that?" Duo asked, going to the window. "Holy shit! Look outside! The snow must be, like, three or four feet high!"

"There’s three feet and seven inches of snow out there," Quatre said, coming from the kitchen. (From the look of Trowa and Quatre, they had either vanquished the shrimp…or it had escaped. Duo was betting that the latter was the case.) "And no, Duo, you can’t go play in it. Temperature’s well below freezing."

"…I’d like to hear the colony explain this one," Trowa muttered, going to his room.

"Aw…." Duo whined as he sat back down on the couch, flipping through the channels.

Wufei, still freaked out by the newsflash, went to his room and stared out the window.

"Nice morning, Heero?" Trowa asked in mock politeness as he cornered Heero. He hadn’t even been a couple steps out the bathroom before Trowa cornered him. Heero was all wet from his shower with a towel around his waist – nothing else.

"I suppose…" Heero muttered.

"Good. Everyone should have nice mornings," Trowa said, backing Heero up the hall into the living room. Duo was too absorbed in the TV to notice.

"Yes…if one gets a chance, mornings can be really nice…except if a certain bastard keeps rubbing a certain fact in…" Heero muttered angrily.

Forcing Heero to back up into the kitchen where Quatre was missing, Trowa said, "I had a nice morning, you know that…kissing Duo."

"Omae o korosu," Heero said with his teeth clenched and his fist tightly balled.

"Yeah…I think I had the best morning out of all of us…." Trowa smirked arrogantly.

"You were only able to get off kissing him because it’s morning. We all know what Duo’s like in the morning," Heero said confidently. "You weren’t even able to make your part of the night successful. Duo was just thankful that you didn’t make dessert."

The smirk wiped itself off Trowa’s face.

"God, you don’t even know him like I do and here you are…thinking you’re the best all because you kissed him this morning," Heero said quietly, giving a superior smirk.

"Was it me or you that was kissing him in the bathroom yesterday? He seemed to be responding quite well…that was me wasn’t it?" Trowa said, regaining some of his confidence.

"I have been Duo’s best friend since we met…you, on the other hand, will never be anything more than an acquaintance," Heero smirked. "I hope you’re not mad that I’ve wounded your pride…or wait, do I care at all? I don’t think I do."

Trowa’s eyes glittered mischievously and he casually slid the kitchen’s sliding door open. "I don’t get mad," he said with a smirk. He whipped Heero’s towel off and pushed him into the snow, locking the door. "I get even." He watched in amusement as Heero desperately tried to bed, plead, and claw his way back inside while his screams of profanity at Trowa were inaudible inside the house. Trowa smirked and blew a kiss at the curled up and shivering (not to mention stark naked) Heero in the snow. He closed the curtain and made sure all the doors and windows were locked.

"Q-man, when’s breakfast?!" Duo asked loudly during a commercial break.

"Huh, what Duo?" Quatre asked, coming out of his room. He had a nice Quatre-like sweater on with khakis.

"Breakfast. Eat. When?" Duo asked.

"Oh, it should be done by now. I’m cooking omelets. If you’ll get everyone to the table to eat, I’ll serve it," Quatre said, smiling.

"Oh, okay," Duo said as Quatre walked away. "Er, um, Quatre?"


"Why are you all dressed up?" Duo asked quizzically, still having his little pink lamb pajamas on. It’s not even eight in the morning yet…

"Oh, this old thing?" Quatre said, touching his sweater. "It’s nothing, really… How do I look?"

"Um, you look just fine. You put the rest of us to shame," Duo muttered, getting up from the couch. Is he actually serious?

"Thanks," Quatre smiled as he went into his native homeland, the kitchen.

"Whatever," Duo sighed as he walked down the hall, fumbling with his braid.

"Ah, Duo," Trowa greeted, coming down the hall and grabbing Duo’s arm, leading him to the living room. We should have no problems getting together today…

"Breakfast’s ready," Duo said, explaining his mission. "I have to get everyone to the table to eat. Where’re Heero and Wufei?" Mm, your eyes are even more beautiful than they were last night

"Wufei is, I think, in his room," Trowa said, taking his arm in Duo’s, wanting more contact than this.

"What about Hee-chan?"

What about him? "Uh, Heero? Heero went back to sleep…just let him sleep and fend for himself when he’s hungry," Trowa explained, trying to smile.

"Quatre won’t like that, but okay. I need to get Wufei, though," Duo said as Trowa led him back to he hall and to Wufei’s door. "Yo, Wuff-man!" Duo called, knocking on the door. "Breakfast’s ready!"

"Aaahhhhh! N-n-no, n-no b-b-b-b-breakf-f-f-ast!" they heard Wufei yelp.

"What’s up, Wufei?" Duo and Trowa both asked, panicking a little.

"Aaahhh! N-n-n-nothing!"

Thoroughly concerned, Trowa and Duo opened the door. Wufei was rocking back and forth on his bed with a blanket over his shoulders.

"What the hell’s wrong????"

At first, Wufei looked at them as if they were strangers then he slowly said, "I saw him! He was at my window! Trying to get in! The escapee! He tried to get in!" Then Wufei (during Trowa’s snickers) stopped rocking back and forth and yelled with wide eyes, "HE WAS NAKED!!!!!!!!!!"

Trowa’s snickers turned into full-blown laughter.

"…You mean you saw the insane asylum escapee?" Duo said doubtfully.

"Yes…he…he’s not going to get me! He wants me, but he can’t have me! He’s not going to get me! He was trying to get in ‘cause he wants me…he wants this!" Wufei screamed, yanking his pants off.

Duo and Trowa ran out of Wufei’s room. "Status report!" Duo said, out of breath, as he stopped in front of the table Quatre was setting.

"Fire away, Du-bear," Quatre smiled.

"Heero, sleeping ("Sleeping????"). Duo, eating. Trowa eating. Wufei, insane ("I don’t want to ask, do I?"). Status report complete, let’s chow down," Duo said, saluting and then sitting down.

Quatre smiled as the three of them sat down to the table with a pile of omelets in the center.

Throughout the meal, Duo felt Trowa’s leg gracefully running along his. I don’t mind it. I actually enjoy it.

After eating, Quatre went to clear the table and clean up and Duo stood up to stretch. Feeling hands on his waist, he leaned back onto Trowa’s chest. …Trowa…mm… At the most content he had been in a while, Duo laid his head on Trowa’s shoulder and looked up at him. Quatre always takes a nap after breakfast…with Heero sleeping and Wufei how he is…

Putting a light kiss on his cheek, Trowa wrapped his arms all the way around Duo’s waist and said, "Mm, how about we sit on the couch and watch TV?"

"…That would be really nice," Duo said as he eagerly led Trowa to the couch. I want to…but I don’t have to say a word when I’m around him. I don’t need to try to hide behind words…I can just…be open and honest with myself… When the taller man sat down, Duo slid on his lap and kissed his neck. "Mm, Trowa."

Trowa let out a soft, but deep, throaty chuckle as their lips met. …Duo…mm, does this surprise me…or have I known this all along? It’s a pleasant surprise. He gently removed Duo from his lap (with a little protest from the braided boy) and laid him on the couch.

"Mmf," Duo had protested when Trowa removed him from himself, but he quickly was sighing as he laid down with him. …Oh… He eagerly pressed himself against him, wrapping his arms around Trowa’s neck and kissing him passionately, their tongues touching and exploring. …Mmm, so sweet…Trowa…give me more… Duo let out a soft moan as Trowa’s hands caressed his back. He wrapped his leg around Trowa’s and continued kissing him passionately. …Trowa…yes…mmm, why haven’t we done this sooner?

Quatre watched sadly from the kitchen, seeing the two make out on the couch. Well…I can’t say I never tried…maybe not being able to cook has a certain appeal to Duo… he silently laughed. But…it’s okay. It’s his choice…and picking Trowa…well, he made a good one.

A few hours later, Quatre asked into the open air, "Is Heero still sleeping???????"

The two had fallen asleep on the couch, wrapped in each other’s arms. "Aah, yeah," Trowa yawned, slightly panicking inside. "He is. He said he wasn’t feeling too good so he was just going to sleep it off."

"Does he need any medicine or anything to make him feel better?" Quatre asked, being his usual caring self.

"Uh, no. He just wants to be left alone to sleep for the day," Trowa explained. Quatre must be blind if he hasn’t noticed us together…

"Oh, okay," Quatre said, slightly dismayed.

Duo rose up from the couch and stretched. God, Quatre must be pretty damn blind if he didn’t see Trowa and I together… "Hey, it’s lunchtime and I’m starvin’ over hear!" he called.

Quatre rolled his eyes and said, "You want lunch? Get it yourself."

"W-w-what???? What’s this I hear? Get it myself????? Are you crazy????" Duo panicked as Trowa snickered.

"…GOD! Just order a pizza, for crying out loud!!!!" Quatre yelled from the kitchen.

Duo sniffed and went over to the phone and dialed the nearest pizza place. "Hi, I want two cheese pizzas and one pepperoni and make it snappy. I’m hungry."

The pizza people on the other line laughed. "Yeah right. In this weather?"

"I’m hungry!"

"Yeah, yeah. Tell that to the blizzard outside."

"Then why are you open?"

"…’Cause we got stranded here last night, the pizza people on the other line sniffed.

"Tell me, do you like Mr. Ben Franklin?" Duo asked slyly.

"What? What does that have to do with – ooo! If we’re not there in twenty minutes it’s free!!!!!!!!"

"Thought so," Duo smirked as he hung up.

"Where are you going to get a hundred bucks?" Trowa asked skeptically.

"Shhh! Don’t tell them that!" Duo whispered.

"Tell Wufei that we ordered pizza," Quatre told Duo.

"…Make Trowa do it."

"Trowa, tell Wufei that we ordered pizza."

"…Make Duo do it."

"…God…!" Quatre muttered as he went to tell Wufei.

"What’s with you? You suddenly go religious?" Duo smiled at Quatre’s frequent use of "God."

"…So," Trowa began, putting his arm around Duo’s shoulder, "when we get our pizza, want to watch a movie?"

"Sure, but we don’t have anything I haven’t seen fifty million times," Duo laughed. Then he got an idea. Calling the pizza place again, he offered them an extra fifty bucks if they brought over a movie.

"You know, I think it should be just us two…you know, watching the movie," Trowa said with his nose tenderly pressed against Duo’s cheek.

"…Well…what about Quatre and Heero?" Duo asked, leaving Wufei’s name out on purpose.

Trowa smirked and whispered something in Duo’s ear.

Turning a little red during his flirting, Duo played with Trowa’s shirt and said, "Mm, I agree, koibito – just the two of us. We should watch it in your bedroom, ya know…."

Nipping Duo’s ear, Trowa agreed, "Hn, yes…you are quite right."

Thirty minutes later, the pizza man was still not there.

"Hey! We get our food free! All right!" Duo cheered as he merrily began to skip around the room.

"Yeah, but we have to wait longer to eat," Quatre complained, lounging on the couch trying to fight off a headache.

Trowa wondered how Heero was doing outside….

…The pizza man ended up trying to push his car though four feet of snow when he hit a pothole on the shoveled road. Deciding to just screw it all, he began to walk. After ten minutes, he finally came to Duo’s house. He panted as he set the unintentionally frozen pizza down on the snow. He jumped when he heard a small noise. Calming himself down by saying that it was nothing, he picked up the pizza and was about to walk to the door when he heard another sound. He whipped his head to where the sound came from and saw two Prussian blue eyes peering at him surrounded by what looked like a mane of some sort. The head quickly dove back into the snow. The pizza man’s first thought was that the owner of the house owned a feral dog and was therefore scared. Carefully and quietly tiptoeing to the door, he was about to ring the doorbell when he heard a small growl. Fearing for his life he turned to the sound, holding the pizza up as a shield. For a split second, he saw some strange beast leap at him! Then the world went black and he was very cold.

Jumping up excitedly when the doorbell rang, Duo eagerly opened up the door to greet the pizza man – only it wasn’t the pizza man. It was Heero in the pizza man’s clothes. …The hell? "Wait, since when did you work at the pizza place?! And besides, aren’t you supposed to be sick right now?????"

Ignoring Duo, Heero shoved the pizza in his hands and saw Trowa, who was going to pay the pizza man, freeze. Omae o korosu.

"Oh shit," Trowa muttered as he froze in place when Heero roughly grabbed his shirt collar.

"Oh my GOD!!!!!!! What did you do to the poor pizza man??????" Quatre screamed, looking outside at the freezing, naked and unconscious guy.

"Took his clothes," Heero shrugged as he released his grip on Trowa.

"…Dear gods…well, get him inside! Now! He’s freezing out there!" Quatre panicked as he forced Duo and Trowa to drag the pizza man inside. "Since you stole his clothes, Heero, puts him in your room and put clothes on him so he doesn’t freeze! …What on earth possessed you to do such a thing???"

Heero shrugged and snickered as he dragged the pizza man to his room.

"Well, at least we have pizza," Duo said, opening the pizza carrying case. "Hey look, a movie, too!" Giving the movie to Trowa, he began to de thaw the pizza his way (pounding excessively and swearing).

"Duo!" Quatre muttered as he pried the pizza off him.

Trowa began reading the back of the cover. After a while, he said, "…They brought us porn. (Quatre: "They did what?!") (Duo: "What?! All right!")…and, ummm, * ahem * I don’t think it’s the kind of porn you’re used to, Duo." Tonight is going to be great.

Duo had an enormous grin on his face as he said, "That’s okay! God bless the pizza place!"

"Mm, we’re going to have fun tonight…." Trowa whispered in Duo’s ear as he tried to put the video back in his room.

"Oh no you don’t!" Quatre chided as he grabbed the video from Trowa.

Heero came back from his room, smiling smugly.

Quatre immediately went to him for answers. "Why were you outside in the freezing blizzard???? Why weren’t you in your room sleeping??? You were supposed to be sick!"

"…I was what? Even after being outside, I feel fine!" Heero exclaimed, then he coughed, "Except slightly smaller."

Trowa smirked.

"But Trowa said that you were sick and needed rest! That’s why you didn’t eat breakfast with us!" Quatre exclaimed.

"Well Trowa pushed me outside after my shower and locked all the doors and windows! I saw Wufei from his window and tried to get in, but he started freaking out," Heero said, glaring at Trowa.

Trowa coughed slightly.

"TROWA!!!!!!!!!!" Quatre exclaimed, shocked.

As Trowa began to explain, Duo rushed in the middle of them and said, "It doesn’t matter who did what. I’m kinda glad Trowa locked Heero out because it really made my day seeing the pizza man out there, apparently mauled." And I got to take a nap with Trowa and make out with him as well…

"Made my day, too," Heero smirked.

"Oh really? You like being that small?" Trowa chuckled quietly.

"Shut up. That’s not what made my day."

Quatre shook his head. "Heero, try to revive the pizza man. Duo, Trowa, try to get Wufei back to his senses. I’ll try to de thaw the pizza…. Maybe later we can play a game…. We’re NOT watching the video he brought us, though!"

"Aw," Duo and Trowa groaned while Heero read the back of the video cover, apparently interested in watching it.

"Now go! Shoo shoo!" Quatre said as he hurried them all off. He was about to throw the video away when he realized that it was missing. He growled to himself when he heard Trowa and Duo both snicker. Sometimes I hate living with a carnie and a thief… he thought bitterly.

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