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Life as the Titanic



It had been a week since the rest of the Shooting Star Boys had gone off to Earth, and frankly, Duo was kind of worried that they weren’t back yet. After his previous defeat in a battle between himself and a moody Hilde, his wounds were healing quite nicely. Since they hadn’t been healing quite nicely a week ago, he was forced to stay home and sulk about missing all the fun he thought the other boys were having. A few hours into watching Titanic, he heard a knock at the door. Opening it, he found the four missing pilots at his door.

"Duo!" Heero greeted amiably as the others welcomed themselves inside.

"How do you feel?" Trowa asked as he put his hand on Duo’s shoulder.

"Um, I kind of feel like murdering Rose right now," he answered, a bit taken aback.

"Don’t we all? I’m so happy to see you, Duo," Quatre said as he hugged him.

"Uh…okay." Duo muttered, thinking that they were acting kind of strange.

"We brought you a present from Earth," Wufei said as he brought out a wine cooler.

"Yeah, we thought you might enjoy it," Heero said, practically hanging off Duo’s shoulder.

"Uh," Duo grunted. Quatre was still hugging him, Trowa was running his hand up and down Duo’s shoulder, and Wufei had an elephantine grin on his face. Duo thought that there might be something wrong with his comrades. "Thanks…I think."

The other pilots had left him alone for a while. With that in mind, Duo sat in his favorite chair and watched the ending of Titanic, promptly throwing a shoe at it when it was done, though.

"That movie…is just so…romantic…don’t you think, Duo?" someone asked approaching from behind.

Duo felt strong hands on his shoulders, catching him off guard, and looked up at Heero who was standing behind him. "Uh, no, not really…."

"Well, I guess you just have to be in a romantic mood when you watch it," he said as he began to massage Duo’s shoulders. They were almost caressing.

Although it felt good and was sorely needed, Duo became uneasy. "You know what, Hee-chan? I have to go," he lied as he started to stand.

Heero held a firm grip on his shoulders, pushing him back down. "Where do you have to go?"

"I…is it really any of your business?" Duo answered warily.

"I’m just curious, that’s all," Heero said innocently as he reluctantly lightened his grip.

"Well, for your information, I, uh, I’m going to take a shower," Duo said as he stood up.

"Oh," Heero said as if thinking nothing of it. "Have fun."

Have fun??????? Duo said to himself as he reluctantly went into the bathroom to take his shower. He credulously didn’t bother locking the door since he felt that he had no reason to. Duo took off his clothes, tossing them aside while humming to himself. He leaned over to turn the knobs on the tub faucet, but while doing that…something made the hair on his neck stand on end. Cold, then warm water shot out of the faucet. Dismissing his sudden uneasiness, Duo switched the showerhead on and the water shot out of that instead. In routine, he turned around to grab a washcloth, but there was something out of routine there – Trowa.

"Oh…wow, pardon me, Duo. I didn’t realize you were in here," Trowa said falsely with mock innocence as his interested green eyes ran up and down the length of Duo’s body.

Real honest mistake, Trowa.

Trowa’s gaze gave Duo the chills and he shuddered. It was at that moment when he shuddered that he realized he had nothing on. Out of shock and, quite frankly fear, he froze as Trowa continued to gaze over him, stopping and pausing at will. Quickly, Duo made a grab for the towel and wrapped it around himself, turning bright red. "Um, it’s called knocking, Trowa," he said, bewildered and embarrassed. At a loss of words, he was truly caught off guard.

"Oh really?" Trowa said, pretending to consider the possibility as his lips turned into a small pout.

"…Yeah," Duo muttered, feeling very uncomfortable. Incomprehensible thoughts raced through his mind, finding them harder to make sense the longer he stared into Trowa’s eyes. It was like his gentle, but suggestive gaze penetrated his mind and rendered him completely thoughtless and speechless. He wished that Trowa would just leave.

Heero, having a well-rehearsed plan, went to open the bathroom door. It was locked. "What the hell??? Duo never locks his door!"

"Did you mention Duo?" Wufei asked he came down the hallway.

"The damn door’s locked," Heero said dejectedly, "and Duo’s taking a shower right now…."

"Oh," Wufei said, understanding what Heero wanted to do. He beat himself up inside for not coming up with that idea in the first place. He thought blissfully of Duo’s slender body, naked as the day he was born, being hit by water. That slender body moving gracefully as water bounced off his chest, stomach, and—

"Maxwell’s what?" Quatre chirped, bringing Wufei out of his thoughts. He jumped down excitedly at the sound of the braided boy’s name.

"Hey, Quatre, see if you can get Trowa to help me open this door. I’ll just lie and say that I thought he was in trouble since the door was locked it Duo ever asks…." Heero said, trying furiously to open the door.

"Hmm, I haven’t seen Trowa in a while," Quatre commented, looking up thoughtfully. Like Wufei, thoughts of Duo tantalized him.

"Last I saw him, he was walking through here after Duo got in to take his shower," Wufei remembered.

They all stared at each other.

"Wow, Duo, I didn’t realize your hair was so thick," Trowa remarked suavely while approaching him, giving a highly seductive smile.

"Um…yeah," Duo said, backing off slightly as Trowa advanced slowly upon him. Within seconds, Trowa had him backed against the cool tile of the bathroom wall.

"It must take quite a while to wash, eh?" Trowa continued, reaching out to move Duo’s bangs away from his lovely face. He took the tip of the braid between his two fingers and flirtatiously played with it. He put a finger under Duo’s chin and gently, but so flirtatiously, brought it up. Their eyes locked – Trowa’s deep and suggestive, Duo’s confused, bewildered, and shy at the same time. Looking into those eyes…it was kind of like being struck by lightning…. Trowa’s lips brushed against Duo’s cheek and he kissed him ever so slightly as he muttered, "Thick…and long hair like that can be very…troublesome."

"…Y…yeah," Duo replied nervously, his heart racing. He trembled slightly as he felt the warmth of Trowa’s body radiating onto his own.

Trowa’s bangs brushed against Duo’s as he leaned in close and gave Duo a long and slow kiss on the lips.

Speechless and thoughtless at the same time, Duo was putty in Trowa’s hands –like a marionette. …Was this…was he using his tongue or not? Duo wasn’t sure. In fact, he wasn’t sure if he was even responding to the kiss. Trowa’s reaction, though, along with his soft moan gave Duo the feeling that he was. It seemed, though, that he had no control or thought to his actions. Just putty in Trowa’s hands…where were they, by the way? Oh, yes, he definitely felt that. Playing in his hair and pressing against his lower back…pressing the two of them together. Yes, Duo believed that he did feel that also.

Trowa finished the kiss by slowly running his tongue along Duo’s lips. He ran it up to his ear and began to nibble on it softly.

Duo was at a loss of words, at a loss of thought, that’s all there was to it. He felt the warmth of Trowa’s breath, his body, felt his hands running along his chest, back, shoulders…which was it? No…no…they’re on his hips now. Mm, are they swaying slightly? Everything was a blur – too dizzy to sort out or make sense of. Was he enjoying this? Loathing this? A little bit of both, maybe…more on the enjoyment side. …What…? Oh wow. They are definitely swaying.

Trowa bit Duo’s lower lip gently and began kissing his cheek as if it were the best thing in the world.

Duo heard himself moan softly. Wait, was that him? Or was it Trowa? …Did he just gasp the other man’s name? He was so confused, but he felt powerless to resist…if he could even…or even wanted to. He had to admit – this was an interesting experience. …It sounded like Trowa whispered something to him…what the hell? …That was himself he just heard! Did he actually say that? It was all a big blur, feelings, emotions, thought, all mixed into one little package and roughly thrown out the window.

Gently and soothingly, Trowa rubbed his nose against Duo’s and kissed it softly. Both his hands played in his hair…gentle…caressing…a bit rough, maybe. "I just love your hair," Trowa muttered.

Speech came back. "Uhhh…" Maybe not effectively, but hey, it was there.

Trowa lightly kissed Duo’s lips and looked into his eyes. "Your hair…" he muttered, giving Duo’s forehead a soft kiss. He then licked the other man’s lips and asked seductively, "…Need any help washing it?"

All thought rushed back to Duo in full force as his breath caught and he froze, staring at the other man with exceptionally wide eyes.

At that point, Duo and Trowa heard pounding on the door. "Trowa, you bastard!" the two heard Heero scream. Following that statement was a long barrage of profanities with various attempts from Quatre and Wufei to calm him down.

"…Uh…I think I left the iron on!" Trowa stated nervously, almost panicky, as he quickly opened the door and shot out.

Trembling and dizzy, Duo made sure to lock the door behind him.

Prepared to confront Heero and the others, Trowa casually walked out of the bathroom and tried to sustain calmness as he retorted before the others even spoke, "Not my problem you didn’t do it sooner."

"Dammit, Trowa. We all agreed on having fair and equal turns of getting to Duo," Heero said angrily. "This one was supposed to be mine!"

Quatre and Wufei nodded.

"Hmph. We would have really done something if you hadn’t interrupted. I thought we also agreed on not interrupting when one was with Duo," Trowa shot back calmly. He was so close to getting in the shower…. Trowa wanted to kill Heero for that…

He almost couldn’t contain his anger. He had set up Duo taking a shower (sort of), so he was supposed to reap the benefits, right? Not Trowa! Trowa kissing Duo…that made him extremely furious. Him asking if he needed any help washing his hair, and the potential thought of Trowa in the shower with Duo sent him over the edge. "Goddamn you, Trowa, he’s mine!" Heero said in an outburst. It surprised him when Trowa, Quatre, and Wufei protested violently. Heero growled and said, "Okay, then. From now on, it’s every man for himself, agreed?"

"Agreed," everyone answered.

"Good," they answered again and went their separate ways. Quatre stayed behind, however, and went into Duo’s room….

He was dizzy and honestly felt like mashed potatoes. What the hell was that? What the hell just happened? He shook his head in disbelief and made a fourth attempt to rinse his hair in the ritual of washing his hair. God, there is a lot of it. In a way, help would be nice. He shook his head again, trying to get that out of his head. Need any help washing it? Remembering that line, Duo punched the side of the bathroom wall for no particular reason…or perhaps there was one? Disgust? Regret? God! His knuckles were red and becoming bruised from punching the bathroom tile. Damn you, Trowa. He sighed and started to rinse his hair again.

Duo, thankful that he didn’t have any more interruptions, finished his shower, put his robe on, and walked out of the bathroom. He opened the door and walked into his room, shutting the door behind. Sighing, he picked out some clothes and took off his robe. Still shaken by what happened in the bathroom, he delayed putting on clothes and just flopped on his bed, recalling the moments with what? Disgust? …Pleasure…? His body still hot from the shower, the cool draft in his bedroom was welcomed. Relaxed, his eyelids began to droop as he slowly fell into a sleepy lull….

"DUO!!!" Quatre yelled as he pounced on Duo from underneath the bed.

"Holy shit!!!!!!!!" Duo screamed as he fell off the bed.

Quatre laughed good-naturedly. "Sorry! Just wanted to surprise you! I have a present for you!"

"Present?" Duo asked curiously as his ears perked up like a kitten’s.

"Yeah! You’ll really like it since you’re naked right now!" Quatre laughed.

"N-nani?" Duo screamed as he hid under the bed, hiding himself.

"Yeah, this shirt!" Quatre said, poking his head under the bed. His hand stretched out to give Duo a silk, purple dress shirt.

"Oh, thanks. A little snazzy, though, eh?" Duo said as he glanced briefly at the shirt and saw it was shiny and silk.

"Yeah. I saw it when we were away and had to get it for you," Quatre smiled. "Chic, huh?"

Duo nodded.

"Aren’t you going to try it on?" Quatre asked eagerly, waiting for…hoping for…wanting for….

"Um, I’ll wear it today," Duo said, the hair on the back of his neck standing up again.

"Oh…okay," Quatre nodded as he continued to peer under the bed at him.

"…So if you’d please leave, I could change into it," Duo said as he gave a strong hint for Quatre to leave.

"Oh…okay," Quatre nodded again as he hopped off the bed and left Duo’s room.

Relieved that Quatre was gone, Duo came out from under the bed and proceeded to stare at the strange-looking gift.

"It’s supposed to snow a lot tonight," Trowa said, watching the colony weather report.

"Good. All that snow will be so…dare I say romantic…?" Heero said, his thoughts wandering off into dark unknown realms of Duo.

"Maybe with it I’ll be able to put Duo in the mood," Wufei commented.

"You!" Heero exclaimed. "As if! It’s going to be ME!"

"Heero, you’re sounding like a teenage girl," Trowa chuckled. "Oh, and for your information, it’ll be me instead of any of you."

"Nope! Me!" Quatre laughed happily as he walked into the living room.

"Where the hell have you been?" Heero questioned suspiciously.

"In Duo’s room!" he taunted.

"Doing what?!?!" they exclaimed.

"We did lots of things!" Quatre lied.

"Like what?!" Wufei asked, outraged.

"Can’t tell," Quatre taunted.

"Why not?!"

"Because. I think Duo would be a little embarrassed if anyone knew what we did!" Quatre lied again. He was having so much fun taunting them.

They heard Duo’s door open and watched as he walked down into the living room.

"Uh, hi, Duo!" Trowa asked amiably. "What were you doing?"

"Changing," Duo replied, still wary about the whole bathroom incident. He was dizzy, dazed, and confused. The last person he needed to see right now was Trowa.

Heero and Trowa looked at Quatre who was beaming.

"…By the way…why is Wufei in the kitchen ranting on about injustice?" Duo

asked curiously.

Wufei was pacing around in the kitchen ranting about injustice.

"No reason," Trowa answered.

"That shirt…." Heero said, putting his hand on Duo’s shoulder. He gently and

ever so slightly massaged it, raising and dropping the fabric on his skin. "Is it new?"

"Yeah, Hee-chan, Quatre gave it to me," Duo replied, looking down at his shirt.

"Oh…is that all he did?" Wufei asked, coming back into the living room.

"…Yeah, that’s all he did," Duo said, looking at them all. "Why?"

"Nothing," they said, glaring at Quatre who was giggling.

"Uh, I think I’m going to go visit Hilde today," Duo said, inching towards the door. He would be so relieved when he left.

"Oh," everyone said dejectedly. Then they perked up. "Need any help getting there?"

"…No, I’m fine," Duo said, shuddering inside at the thought of Trowa’s question earlier. His hand…the same one he punched the wall with…was inadvertently clenched into a fist. His knuckles were white and felt as if they could burst at any second.

"You know, it’s supposed to snow tonight," Trowa said, "so be careful."

"Yeah, be very careful, Duo," Heero added.

"Um, all right. I will," he said, unclenching his fist as he rushed out the door and drove away.

"I’m going to go to the store," Heero said with a smile, internally planning the evening.

"Me too," Trowa said, doing the same. "There are some things I’d like to get…."

Quatre and Wufei glanced at each other. "We’ll go, too." As they left the house, Quatre muttered, "Duo’s sure to be mine."

Hilde’s house was about an hour’s drive from his own. He was SO glad that he was away from the house. There were some things he’d like to ask Hilde about….

"Duo!" she greeted when she saw him pull up into the driveway. "What a nice surprise! I certainly wasn’t expecting you!"

"Uh, Hilde, I have a problem," Duo said, not even bothering to give a greeting as she welcomed him inside.

"Lonely again? By the way, are they back yet?" she asked curiously.

"That’s just it. Yes, they are and they seem to be acting very…strangely…. They’re doing something, but I can’t quite put my finger on it and I don’t know what to do," he sighed, sitting down on the couch.

"Well, perhaps you could tell me how they’re acting," she suggested. "Do you want anything to drink?"


"Ooh, that bad?" she asked.

"Yeah. They’re really, really, really acting strange. It’s really unusual…and honestly, it’s freakin’ me out. I just don’t know what to do!"

"Go on."

"Well, when they arrived today, they were very, um, how to I say this…sociable, maybe? They usually don’t pay much attention to me and well, it’s just…" he trailed off.

"Maybe they were just glad to see you?" Hilde suggested. "I mean, after all, they were gone for a while."

"…That’s not all. I was watching Titanic—"

"Good movie, eh?"



"Anyway, Heero comes up from behind me and massages my shoulders, commenting on how romantic the movie was," Duo explained.

"That doesn’t sound like Heero at all…. From what you tell me, he isn’t a huge fan of human contact. …Are you sure it was him?" she asked.

"Believe me, I’m sure. I got kind of nervous because that was like some pretty bizarre behavior for him and made up the excuse that I was going to take a shower."

"And did you?"

"Unfortunately, yes."

"Oh, then I guess the city’s sewage problem hasn’t gone away yet."


Hilde cleared her throat and apologized. "Go on."

"Anyway, I was about to take a shower when I realized that I forgot my cloth. I turned around and there’s Trowa! And I’m wearing only what God gave me!!!!!!!!"

Hilde started laughing hysterically.

"Stop it!!!!! It’s not funny!!!!!! And where’s that damn drink you said you’d get??????????????" Duo yelled, embarrassed.

She stopped laughing and went into the kitchen. "Sorry. Please continue."

"Thankfully, I grabbed a towel, wrapped it around myself and told him this little think about knocking. I could really tell he was faking his innocence in not knowing what it was."

She started to snicker.

"And then, he comes up to me and looks at me in this strange way…. He kept commenting on how thick my hair was and how long it must take for me to wash…. He kept playing with it and got really close to me…and…well," feeling self-conscious, Duo decided to skip the part about Trowa kissing him. He still didn’t know where he stood on that. "Hilde!" he continued, "He asked if I needed help washing it!!!!!!!!!!!"

Hilde walked out of the kitchen with his drink and raised an eyebrow. "He did what?"

"He asked me if I needed help washing my hair!!!!!!!!!!" Duo exclaimed.

"That’s very strange, Duo. Is that all?"

"No," he whined. "Heero started banging on the door, swearing and throwing a fit about something. Apparently he was angry with Trowa for something and wanted to talk to him. Trowa then made up this excuse that he had left the iron on and left."

"Does Trowa iron?"

"No. Then after my shower—"

"You mean there’s more?"

"Yeah. I went into my room to change and got really tired so I lied on my bed…again, not really wearing anything ("You’ve got to stop doing that"). All of a sudden, Quatre pounces on me from underneath my bed! He wanted me to wear the shirt I’m wearing right now because he bought it for me when they were gone…."

"I thought that was new. Looks nice," she remarked.

"Oh…thanks. Anyway, that’s about it. They’ve been just…I don’t know…" he whined. "I don’t know what to do!"

"I’m not sure about Wufei, but it sounds to me like Heero and Trowa want to…ah…well, let’s just say that they have affections toward you, hon. And Quatre…well, I’m not sure about Quatre’s intentions, but I can really tell you that those two are after you," Hilde said.

"After me to do what?" Duo asked naively he ran through all the possibilities in his mind, however, something lurked in the back of his brain….

"…I’d lock your door tonight," Hilde advised.


"The same reason why I advise you to lock the door when you take a shower from now on."

"Okay…whatever. But are you sure that they have something for me?"

"Maybe not all of them, but definitely Trowa and probably Heero as well," she mused.

"But how could that be? I mean, they were just my friends before, and now they’re in love with me??? No one falls in love with his friends! That’s why they’re called friends, not lovers!" Duo complained.

"Are you that clueless?" she scoffed and added, "If you believe that, then I’ve got a condo in Florida to sell you, baka!"


She grew silent. "You’re obviously not out much, are you?"

A few hours later, the Shooting Star Boys (minus Duo) returned.

"Is he home yet?" Heero asked, walking in after Wufei.

"Nope, doesn’t seem like it," he answered.

"Good," Quatre said, briskly putting the wine he bought in the refrigerator.

"Tonight is ALL mine!" Heero claimed.

"Yeah, like we’ll let that happen," Trowa said, putting groceries away in the kitchen.

"Heero, don’t you remember our conversation in the car????????" Quatre asked angrily.

"Yeah," Heero sniffed, "but it’ll give you guys chances and I won’t have any!"

"Stop whining," Wufei said, smacking the side of Heero’s head. "Each one of us has a designated part tonight. It gives us a fair and equal chance."

"He’s going to be all mine," Trowa remarked, "the best way into a man’s heart is through his stomach!"

"Um, Trowa, are you sure you’re up to cooking for him?" Quatre asked nervously. "I mean, we’d prefer it if he wasn’t sick for the rest of us,"

Trowa glared at Quatre and turned back to the groceries saying, "I’m a wonderful cook," over and over again.

"Well, at least I get him before he’s rendered unconscious…." Wufei said, thinking about how he’d spend his part of the evening.

"What are you guys going to do before dinner?" Quatre asked.

"Dunno yet…."

"Hey Quatre, you know first aid, right? Maybe you could help me out after dinner," Heero chuckled.

"Stop it right now! If you don’t shut up, I’ll make you eat what I cook!" Trowa threatened angrily, losing his cool as he brandished a wooden spoon at them.

Quatre chuckled and whispered to Heero, "You’re on your own." He then walked over to the VCR in the living room and asked, "Do you know what movie you guys are going to be watching?"

Heero picked up a tape he rented and said, "Yup. Diamonds Are Forever has just the right amount of action and romance to keep both of us happy."

"Next question," Quatre asked, "do you know how to work the VCR?"

"Um, I can pilot Wing Zero," Heero said, avoiding the subject.

"…You don’t know how to work it, do you?" Quatre stated as more of a fact than a question.

"No," he said, losing hope.

"Good," Quatre snickered, "because you’re on your own."

"Grr, dammit," Heero muttered, going to toy with the VCR.

"Um, you need the manual, Heero?" Wufei asked, getting it out of a pile of technical handbooks.

"No, I do not need the manual!!!!!" he yelled stubbornly.

Quatre walked over to the extensive CD collection on the wall and said, "Do you know what kind of music Duo likes? There’s so much to choose from here…."

"Um, as I recall, he likes the kind of music that you hate," Trowa said, putting shrimp on the skillet.

"…Aren’t you forgetting the butter?" Wufei asked, going back into the kitchen and noticing how dry the skillet was.

"Butter? What butter?" Trowa asked.

"…Never mind. Forget I said anything," Wufei smirked.

Hearing them, Quatre chuckled and said, "I guess I could learn to like that kind of music for Duo’s sake, but it’s not the kind to really dance to…. Hey Trowa, you think he’d settle for the light stuff?"

"…I don’t see why not…that is, if you can actually get him to dance with you," Trowa smirked.

Wufei sniffed and said, "Are you burning the shrimp?"

Trowa looked at the shrimp lying motionless on the skillet. "…."

"You’re cooking shrimp?" Heero asked, overhearing them.


"Duo doesn’t like shrimp."

"What??????" Trowa flipped, his cool exterior severely cracking. "You told me he did!!!!"

"Oops," Heero said, covering his mouth in mock innocence. "I did, didn’t I?"

Real honest mistake, Heero.

"Grr, he’s going to eat it anyway!!!!!" he said forcefully, whacking the shrimp repeatedly with a spatula. He then tried to flip then over and found that they were stuck to the pan.

"Told you to use butter," Wufei smirked.

"You did not!" Trowa seethed.

From that angle, Wufei could swear he saw a vein popping out of Trowa’s forehead.

Quatre was about to get the first aid kit when he heard a *sproing*.

"Um, could someone get me the manual?" Heero asked hurriedly.

"I thought you said you didn’t need it," Quatre smiled.

"Just shut up and get me the frickin’ manual!!!" Heero yelled angrily. Once he got it, he hit Quatre and proceeded to read it page by page.

All four of them heard keys jingling then the door open. "Duo!" they all exclaimed happily.

"Oh, um, hi," he said, stepping inside. "My God, did you see how much snow’s out there already? Geez! I almost couldn’t get home!"

"Yeah, they said there might be a blizzard tonight," Quatre said, taking his coat. "Please, sit down, Duo."

"Oh, uh, thanks," Duo said, sitting on the couch facing the TV. He saw Heero tinkering with the VCR. "…Hee-chan…what are you doing?"

"Trying to set up the VCR," Heero grumbled while getting frustrated. "…I thought I’d watch a movie later."

"Um, it’s already set up and everything. You just have to stick the tape in and press play," Duo smirked. Behind that smirk, however, Hilde’s words were on his mind. He quickly dismissed them, though.

Heero scowled and growled, "You know, if a certain someone hadn’t been such a bastard about it, I could have done that!"

Quatre chuckled and continued to look at Duo’s extensive CD collection.

"Hey…man, what’s burning?" Duo asked, suddenly sniffing around the room like a dog of some kind.

"Dinner, Maxwell, dinner," Wufei said as his eyes shone, coming out of the kitchen with a fire extinguisher. Putting on an evil smirk, he added, "Trowa’s cooking."

Duo’s eyes went wide with horror. "…What???? Why???? I thought you and Quatre usually did the cooking!"

"He just wanted to," Heero shrugged, then he chuckled, "And if you say anything about it, he’ll flip out."

"…Oh…okay," Duo said, nodding like he understood everything, which he didn’t. He began to ramble on about the traffic coming home to cover up his thoughts. There’s no way Hilde could be right. With Trowa in the shower…uh, well, that was just a big mistake. We all know people can make incredibly stupid mistakes…and Trowa’s no exception…and about the hair, well, he was just trying to be nice. You know how concerned Trowa can get sometimes. He was concerned. …Yes… Concerned. Just like Heero was about my health when he massaged my shoulders after the movie. He just wanted to keep me in shape…yes…and when they came in, they were all just all glad to see me and were concerned. Hilde is definitely wrong! What kind of talk shows has SHE been watching? Having his doubts and nagging worries temporarily subsided, Duo announced finally after his rambling that he was going to take a nap. "Wake me for dinner," he added as he pranced off to his bedroom.

"I hope Duo doesn’t mind me waking him a little before dinner," Wufei smirked evilly, thinking again of tantalizing thoughts starring Duo and himself, of course. He smiled with content as he stepped into the bathroom for a long time. (*Authors note, I shall leave it to you, the reader, to decide what Wufei spent his entire time doing….*)

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