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A Very Gundam Christmas





Quatre hummed melodiously to the tune of a long remembered Christmas song as he lit the last pillar candle around the bathtub, filled with warm water and rose petals. He smiled as he put out the match he held in his hand, thinking about how much Trowa was going to love this little Christmas surprise of his.


He looked down at his naked body, and noticed that his "little" Christmas surprise had grew very big in anticipation of the night's possible - and hopeful - upcoming events.

Smiling at the thought, Quatre's humming turned into faint whistling, as he lit the patchouli incense on the sink top, not even noticing the sound of the door opening slightly behind him.




Duo smirked as he thought about the night ahead, wondering if Heero would like his little "surprise" gift...or if he would find it all too extravagant and simply say that if Duo wanted to fuck him, he could have just asked.


He didn't have much time to get ready. He knew Heero and Trowa had gone on a reconnaissance mission, and would be back shortly...perhaps an hour, maybe less. He looked around the bedroom, checking off everything on his mental list that he needed: candles, whipped cream, handcuffs. Duo smirked again. There was no doubt he was getting onto Santa's naughty list this year.


But just as the smile played upon his lips, a frown replaced it, and Duo's brow creased. He was forgetting something...that was it! He rolled his eyes, almost in disbelief that he had forgotten the bottle of lubricant that, without, would make the night very uncomfortable.

Where had he forgotten it again? Oh, yes; that's right. The bathroom.


Not caring that he was stark naked in the middle of the Gundam HQ barracks, the braided pilot walked towards the bathroom, not even noticing the slight whistling coming from behind the door.







Quatre's eyes bugged out as he heard the voice of a very familiar Shinigami behind him, as his backside was completely exposed to the bathroom door, allowing the visitor full view of his ass.


"Oh my God..." he whispered, hoping that if he just closed his eyes and wished really hard, it would simply be his lover standing there and not who he thought it was. "Duo?"


Quatre wheeled around to face Duo, who had a matching look of shock on his face, his eyes wide open, his jaw dropped to the floor. Looking around frantically, he took a towel hanging fro the rack and wrapped it around his midsection, blushing. Duo had already taken it upon himself to cover himself with his braid.


"I...I didn't know you were in here..." Duo stuttered. He turned away from Quatre, but couldn't help but notice the boy's slender features underneath his towel. His face blushed a rosy red as he looked around the room, from the candles to the incense to the rose petal bath. It seemed that he wasn't the only one who had a plan to get some action tonight.


"It's okay," Quatre said, blushing a deeper shade of red as he noticed that, although Duo's braid was rather long and could cover his front side with it easily, it did nothing to hide his firm, round ass from view. "I...should have locked the door."


Duo crossed the room, making a beeline to the medicine cabinet, where he was sure he was to find what he was looking for. "So," he said with a smile, only half-aware that Quatre was staring at his ass as he rummaged through the medicine cabinet, "Is all this supposed to be Trowa's Christmas present?"


Quatre blushed, again, as he smiled. "How did you guess?" he asked. He leaned against the sink top, completely amazed that he was having a conversation about his sex life with Duo in the bathroom, while both pilots were completely naked and horny, waiting patiently for their lovers to arrive. And, although he didn't want to admit it, he was getting a little aroused at the whole situation.


"Because I got Heero something just like it." Retrieving the bottle of lube from the cabinet, Duo turned around, a little surprised - but physically charged - at the thought that Quatre was staring at him the entire time. He never thought the lithe, platinum-haired boy was ever all that attractive, but after seeing him draped in the small towel, his normally pink cheeks a precious rosy red, and a slight smile that showed he acknowledged what they were doing was a bit "naughty," Duo knew Heero wouldn't be the only one on his mind tonight.


" have a beautiful braid," Quatre said nervously, trying to break the tension between the two pilots and, at the same time, get his mind off the fact that Duo's braid wasn't doing so well with covering his growing crotch anymore. "I never really noticed before."


Duo crossed the room, his body stopping only inches from Quatre's. "I gotta say, your hair isn't too bad, either, Quatre," he said, reaching out to hold a lock of Quatre's platinum hair between his thumb and forefinger, stroking it lightly with his thumb and noticing the boy's body - as well as what he hid behind his towel - visibly tense at his touch. He smiled warmly. "It's so...blond."


Quatre smiled faintly at Duo's comment, and held out his hand much like Duo had done before. With a shaky breath let out from slightly parted lips, he took a strand of Duo's drooping bangs in his hand and held it there, enjoying the feeling as soft as silk on his fingertips. His fingers moved down, tracing the strands of hair as they passed behind Duo's ear, the at the nape of his neck, down his back in a neat yet soft braid, and finally resting at the braid's end, stroking it slightly, his fingertips dangerously close to Duo's cock.


His eyes locked with Duo's, and they froze, both reading the same emotions and feelings in each other's eyes of the yearning for a new experience, a new sensation...a new partner. Almost instinctively, Duo slowly moved his hand from the side of Quatre's head to the back of his neck, his fingers timidly playing with the blond hairs as he licked his lips, watching Quatre gasp slightly and his dick stand at attention, the towel long ago discarded on the floor. He leaned in towards Quatre's parted lips and felt his hot breath against his face, daring to taste that which was not, nor ever would be, his.


"Wait," Quatre whispered, even though he didn't want to and he knew neither did Duo. "We can't. I...I mean, we shouldn't. Trowa and Heero..."


"...are not here, and won't be here for another hour," Duo finished, looking over to the candles and the bath. "And, in that time, that bath is gonna get cold." Duo rested his hand tentatively on the small of Quatre's back, pushing him in closer towards him, and used his other hand to gently stroke Quatre's cheek. "And, I don't know about you, but I'm not about to let it go to waste."


His hand moved from Quatre's cheek to his parted lips, and traced them tenderly with his forefinger. He gasped, and had to restrain himself from rolling his head back and crying out in pleasure as Quatre slipped Duo's finger into his mouth, licking and sucking it sensuously. He took it in and out of his mouth, reveling in the short gasps Duo was making as he flicked his tongue across its length, himself getting off on the soft, silkiness of Duo's hand inside his mouth instead of the rough, callused feel of Trowa's.


"Quatre..." Duo moaned as he removed his finger from the pilot's mouth and replaced it with his lips, his tongue darting out quickly to meet with Quatre's. Their tongues wrestled within, their emotions flaring up and rising to dangerous levels as they groped blindly at one another, hands and fingers meeting soft flesh in a tangled web of erotic urgency and passion.


"Duo...oh, God..." Quatre's voice strained as Duo parted their lips and traced a trail of kisses down from Quatre's neck to his collarbone, then down to his small, erect nipple, licking and suckling at it until it grew hard inside his mouth. Not paying attention to anything else, only the passion and feelings of pleasure that this American boy was giving to him, Quatre took a shaky hand to his cock, stroking it quickly, trying to release at least a portion of the tension building up within his body.


Duo, noticing Quatre's fast movements, stopped him with a gentle touch of his hand. "Quatre," he said, letting his fingers graze the tip of Quatre's dick, making him whimper in pleasure, "all you had to do was ask."


"Pl...please," He pleaded, taking Duo by the hand and replacing his hand with Duo's, feeling waves of joy when Duo began to squeeze his dick rhythmically. "Duo, you have to -"


"I'll do much more than that," Duo whispered with a smile, and released Quatre from his hold, causing the blond boy's face to contort with pain and needing. Why was he torturing him so much? He wasn't used to being toyed with; Trowa simply got down to business, sometimes a bit too rigidly, and that was the end of it. It seemed almost as if Duo liked to watch him squirm.

Quatre watched in awe as Duo moved down from his chest towards his toned stomach, not stopping, but moving even farther down, until he was at eye-level with Quatre's dick. Duo looked up at Quatre, their eyes locking, both knowing and wanting what was about to happen.


"I'm not usually in this position," Quatre said, remembering that he was the one who was usually pleasuring Trowa, instead of the other way around.


"Funny," said Duo, giving Quatre a light peck on his crown. "I seem to always be in this position."

Without any other warning, Duo took Quatre into him, swallowing almost his entire length at one time, and began to suck him hungrily, with a passion Quatre had never felt before.


Almost immediately, he rolled his head back and cried out, gripping onto the sink top behind him with such strength that his knuckles turned white. God, if this was what Duo had in mind to kill time, then he didn't know what they were going to do the whole rest of the hour...

Duo's heartbeat raced as he felt worlds aroused by Quatre's slow yet audible panting. He was so different than Heero...when Duo ever used to do this to his other lover, not a sound would come from the stoic boy until his climax, and even then an audible notice of gratitude was uncertain. But this boy...Quatre knew how to enjoy pleasure, and from the look on his face as Duo lapped at the pre-cum gushing from the tip of his head, he was enjoying it well.


Nearly overflowing with pleasure, Quatre placed a sweaty hand on the back of Duo's head, pushing his cock further into his mouth. Duo was quite pleased with the gesture, as he swirled his tongue around Quatre's shaft, nearly reaching climax himself from the light-haired boy's yelps of delight. Quatre began to buck his hips at Duo, his body wracked with shivers of ecstasy, his mouth slowly opened to make a small 'o' shape in unmatched bliss.


"Duo, I...Duo - !" Without being able to warn him, Quatre reached the point of no return, jerking his head back and letting out a feral-sounding moan as he came. Duo felt the last thrust of his hips as the heavy, white sperm of his new lover gush into his mouth, his own body nearing the edge at the heavy smell and taste of Quatre's seed. He instinctively swallowed every spurt that was given to him, his own body calming down some, though Quatre's panting mews were not helping.


Duo slipped Quatre's now limp organ out of his mouth, looking up at him with cloudy violet eyes. "So...did you like it?" he said playfully, tracing patterns on Quatre's well-toned thighs.

"I...oh, God, Duo," he said wearily, crouching down to look at Duo eye-level. "That was amazing. I mean, I never...not like that, anyway."


Duo cut him off, placing his forefinger on Quatre's lips. "Think of it as my Christmas present to you," he said, and he couldn't help but once again trace Quatre's full lips with his finger.

Quatre smiled. "Isn't this how we started?" he commented, and Duo laughed joyously, throwing his head back and closing his eyes as he laughed. Quatre's face grew a mischievous grin as he leaned forward, one hand wandering towards Duo's engorged cock as he traced the rim of his ear with his tongue. This caught Duo completely off guard, and he stopped laughing and became fully attentive to what Quatre was doing to him.


"H-hey, Q-boy," Duo stuttered nervously, biting his lip slightly as Quatre moved down lower, softly sucking on Duo's neck. He went to work on Duo's prick as well; Quatre massaged it teasingly with a slow and soft hand, a style Trowa would have never approved of. "Wh...what'cha doing there, eh?"


Quatre raised his head to Duo's ear, and whispered seductively, causing shudders of pleasure run down Duo's spine. "It's time for me to give you your Christmas present."


He stopped the slow beating of Duo's dick, which made Duo groan and yearn for more. Standing up straight, Quatre smiled, and knew right then, right there, that he was never going to breathe a word of this to Trowa. "Now get in the tub."




Duo lay in the bathtub, the still-hot water surrounding him, and scowled at all the little annoying rose petals that always seemed to float near him. He would have opted for some bubble bath instead, but this was what Quatre had made up beforehand, and that's what was there


Nope, he thought to himself. Not just Quatre. He's not just Quatre anymore. Quatre was Duo's new lover, not just his fellow Gundam pilot.

'New lover.' Duo smiled. Why did that sound so good?


Duo felt a slight tug at his hair, and knew that it was Quatre's soft touch, and relaxed in the bath. Duo had wanted Quatre in the bathtub from the get-go, but he had stayed outside for the time being, insisting that he simply had to undo Duo's braid before anything else. Feeling the tension of the braid being released from his head, Duo sighed in contentment, and rested his head on the rim of the tub.


"You like that, don't you?" Quatre whispered into his ear, and Duo smiled.

"Yeah," he replied, his eyes closed as the hot water lapped at his erect penis, pleading for him to pay some attention to it, and soon. If it wasn't for that constant strain on his groin, Duo was so at peace, he could have fallen asleep. "Are you done?" he said, opening one eye to look at Quatre, who nodded.


"Good," Duo continued. "Then I think it's about time for my Christmas present."

Quatre smiled, and stepped carefully into the large, antique tub, making sure not to step on Duo in the process. When he was finally in the bathtub, Quatre relaxed against the opposite side of the tub, strangely enjoying Duo's face, disappointed that he hadn't immediately sat on top of him.


"The water's warm," he commented, swishing the bath water around him, and smiling faintly as he watched the rose petals, cherished by Trowa every time he used them, being ignored by the less romantic, more physically-driven Duo. Quatre noted how Trowa always put romance above sexual pleasure - there were times when the two would simply lie in each other's arms throughout the night without doing anything. Duo's idea of romance, however, seemed to be to buy the expensive lube for Heero.


But still, there were things about Duo that Quatre loved. Duo was fun in bed; perhaps it was because there wasn't much emotional baggage between he and Quatre, but with Duo, Quatre felt free to try new and interesting things. He was able to give himself fully to his own pleasure, and not worry so much about pleasuring his partner the same way...though, as he believed, it was quite impolite not to return the favor.


Duo gave a smirk and motioned towards Quatre. "Come here, you," he said in a teasing voice. Almost immediately, Quatre replied, leaning forward to straddle Duo's legs seductively, his growing erection, rubbing against Duo's own, Leaning against Duo's muscular chest, Quatre kissed, licked and nipped at the delicate skin around Duo's neck, being prodded on by his faint cries of pleasure.


Quatre leaned back, and left a trail of kisses around Duo's shoulders, his collarbone, and down his chest, lapping hungrily at his nipples as well as the warm bathwater with his tongue. Duo let out a low moan as his nipple grew hard and erect, and Quatre moved on to the next, feeling Duo's arms move down into the water to wrap around his waist, bringing him closer towards him, Quatre's erection rubbing up against Duo's flat stomach.


"Oh...Duo..." Quatre sighed as Duo took his length into his hand and pumped eagerly, no longer caring about teasing his new lover but instead only to see that look of pleasure/pain on his face as he reached his peak, and hear that satisfying cry of ecstasy that Heero would never give to him...


"Duo...stop..." Quatre pleaded, his breath already ragged and his face a flushed red. Although confused at Quatre's request, Duo let go of his member, his mouth forming a small 'o' of surprise and confusion. Quatre caressed Duo's cheek comfortingly, and gave his explanation. "This was not what I wanted to give you for Christmas." Taking Duo's hands into his own, Quatre moved them down from his waist to his ass, indicating just what he wanted to give to Duo for his Christmas present. "But this is."


Duo understood what Quatre wanted, but was he sure he wanted to do this? "Are...are you sure?" he asked, more to himself than to Quatre. Duo had never done this before...sure, he had been on the receiving end of sex lots of times, but Heero would never allow him to do the same to him. Now, he was a bit afraid of the outcome; what if something were to happen to Quatre? He would never forgive himself if...


"I'll be fine, Duo," Quatre said, almost as if he had read Duo's mind. "Just do it."


As he wished. Without much hesitation, Duo tentatively slipped a finger through the water and into Quatre's small hole, slowly stretching out the opening. To Duo's surprise, he slid in easily due to the water, and Quatre's face held no tell-tale signs of pain or discomfort.

"Now you see why I chose the bath?" Quatre said, a wry smile on his face.


Duo smiled as well, and moved his finger in and out of Quatre, soon adding a second finger, and then a third. Quatre's smile faded from his face, and he closed his eyes and arched his back as pleasure shot up through his spine. "Duo," he cried, his hands steadying himself on Duo's broad shoulders. Duo saw, as well as knew, that he had hit that place inside, that "sweet spot," that was almost impossible to ignore, and he knew what ecstasy Quatre was feeling right now. "Oh, God, I think it's enough," Quatre gasped, and almost immediately, Duo's fingers retreated.


Quatre whimpered at the emptiness, and again, Duo knew the horrible feeling right before what he considered to be the best fucking sensation in the world, and he himself longed for the warmth of Quatre around his throbbing organ. Resting his hands on Quatre's hips, Duo stared into the eyes of his lover as he hoisted him up into the air and then down again, slowly, onto himself.


Quatre gasped, the sudden pressure around his small opening immense, and only intensified as Duo dove deeper inside him, his walls tense and unsure. Sure, he had done this plenty of times before with Trowa, but with a new partner, especially Duo, it was a chance that he might not be as gentle as Quatre wanted him to be. But, with the look of both awe and pleasure he saw on Duo's face, Quatre knew that this was what he wanted.


"Quatre...this is...oh, fuck..." Duo moaned, rolling his head back on the rim of the tub, filling Quatre with his entire length, his tight walls giving Duo waves of ecstasy he had never felt before. God, if this was so good, he was going to have to insist he do it with Heero when he got back from his mission...


"Please...oh, God...Duo, please, faster..." Quatre pleaded, riding the exhilarating and sensual roller coaster that he knew he would board the minute Duo entered him. His straddled legs tightened around Duo's waist as Duo began to thrust into him, slowly and gently at first, then his pace quickening with the mounting pleasure and tension between them. Duo held onto Quatre's ass tightly, his hands spreading him as far as physics would allow, and probed deeper, almost impaling his brand new lover, determined to reach Quatre's deep core of pleasure with every plunge.


Quatre moved his hands from Duo's shoulders, moving one up into Duo's long, damp hair, the other reaching below to touch himself, quickly beating his cock to Duo's rhythm, feeling the overwhelming power of this new, passionate, unique sensation he had only achieved with Duo, and with no one else.


"Duo..." Quatre gasped, looking deep into the violet eyes of his lover, "I...I'm going to..."

"Do it," Duo said, already knowing that Quatre was about to come. "Please. I want to feel it."

Quatre closed his eyes, and released himself, arching his back and throwing his head back in a fit of raw emotion and joy, and his dick jerked as it released his seed into the water, making the now only lukewarm water a murky white. He cried out his lover's name, grinding himself urgently against him as he came.


Duo felt the walls around his member tighten with Quatre's orgasm, and it was all he needed to catapult him over the edge. He felt the rumble of the oncoming climax deep inside his body, and he cried out in ecstasy, feeling his cock spasm inside of Quatre, his cum filling the small cavity. He thrust blindly, feeling load after load of his seed being released and soon seeping into the bath water, mingling with Quatre's and making for quite the uncomfortable bath.


At last, Quatre collapsed onto his new lover's body, feeling the emptiness as a panting Duo slid out of him, his limp organ falling back into place. They laid there for a moment, both basking in their climaxes, living at that moment only to feel the other's sweat-glistened flesh against his own.


"So," Quatre said, still panting. "Did you like your Christmas present?"


Duo lifted Quatre's head with his hand and softly kissed Quatre's trembling lips. "I loved it," he whispered. "It's just what I always wanted."


Quatre wrapped his arms around Duo's waist and rested his head on his chest. "Merry Christmas, Duo," he sighed happily, as the familiar feeling of drowsiness after sex washed over him like a warm bath.


Duo kissed the top of Quatre's head, stroking the now matted, platinum-blond hair that had started this whole night for him. "Merry Christmas, Quatre."




"Mission accomplished," Heero said as he and Trowa journeyed back to Gundam HQ, Heero riding high in Wing Zero and Trowa in Heavyarms.


Trowa nodded, although Heero couldn't see that, and responded. "That's it for today," he said.


 "You think OZ will make any advances during Christmas?"


Heero's reply was negative. "They wouldn't try anything now," he said. "It would be a bad tactic for their soldier morale. Too many dead on Christmas doesn't look good on a war report."




They rode in silence for a few minutes, until the doors of HQ could be seen. It was then that Trowa said quietly, "Merry Christmas, Heero."


"Hn," said Heero, not much for sentiment, though tonight was a special occasion. "Merry Christmas, Trowa."


It was a few moments more until Trowa dared to add, "And I sure hope you liked the Christmas present I gave you."


Heero simply smiled.

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