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True Time

      The oldest calendar recorded anywhere is in Gen. 1:14, which speaks of the lights in the Heavens, it says, “They shall be for days, years, signs, and seasons.” Sure, we can make an artificial calendar and say a day begins at midnight or anytime for that matter, but there is nothing that corresponds to it in Nature. Time is movement and conjunction of the Heavenly bodies — without it, true time cannot be measured. We can say a month has 30 or 31 days (by the way, that is where we get the word month; it is from moon, from Nature.) It is an artificial count to notch off 24 hours for a day and just start counting anywhere you wish without some phenomena or conjunction point in the Heavens. The same thing is true with months, and even years. Sure, you can say a year begins January 1st and ends 365 days later, but nothing in Nature will support this beginning. For true time keeping, you must have a starting point (conjunction) in Nature’s lights (they shall be for days, years, signs, and seasons.) The Vernal Equinox will do this and you will always have green ears of barley at this time and new life growing everywhere for New Year, not like January 1st in the dead of winter when the sap is down and things are dormant.

      Well, we mention days, months, and years being found in Nature’s calendar and showed true starting points in conjunction or revolution points. What about the week? Surely, we can notch off seven solar days for this even if we cannot do it for the month, days, and years. There is nothing in Nature to mark seven days like the year’s Equinox, the month’s illumination every 29 ½ days or the day’s revolution, dark to dark — or is there?

      Yes, we find in Nature a phenomenon of the moon every seven days. It seems to set or pause at the four phases of the moon (New Moon, First quarter, Full moon and Second quarter), then last sliver and from there everything starts over again. The moon conjuncts at each of these events in Nature and gives us a starting point for counting our weeks and numbering our days. The oldest history (the Scriptures) teaches this is the way it was done, and many examples in the Word prove it and not one to disprove it.

       No wonder He said that He gave us the moon for Appointments, or seasons. (Psalms 104:19 and Gen. 1:14) The weekly Sabbath is a feast (Lev. 23:3) and was the only feast or Appointment in Gen. 1:14. They had not left Egypt or anything at the time of the Annual Appointments. He said; they were meant for feasting. Doesn’t it make perfect sense for the beginning and end of a week to be found in Nature the same as the year, day, and month?

      There is other supporting evidence in the Jewish encyclopedias. The Jews do not follow this method as they hold from Friday evening to Saturday evening as Sabbath. We want to get back to Nature on the foods we eat, because we know Nature knows best. Why not return to Nature’s calendar for observing our weeks; just as we do for observing years, months, and days? Trash the Roman calendar count and keep YHWH’s calendar recorded in Genesis 1:14 for true time keeping, and not partake in the changing of times as spoken of by Daniel the Prophet. Whether it is the time the day begins and ends, or the time the week begins and ends, the time the month or the year begins and ends, let us stay with Nature and YHWH’s time clock. Read Genesis 1:14 and Psalms 104:19 for the true appointments of YHWH.

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